Thursday, August 29, 2013

A letter to our Angel

My silence has a purpose.  I took the time to heal: my body, my heart, my soul.  But now I feel like sharing.  And for that I thank God.  And my husband.  And my daughter.  I pray for strength, endurance, acceptance, understanding.  And I know that God gives to those who ask.  Amen.

{"I love you forever, my baby you'll be."}

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Kinsey Wore: to firsts

It was perfect timing. A practice- run of sorts. Whatever you want to call, it was a great morning getting ready for work with Kinsey; foreshadowing next week when she will be getting ready for her first day of Preschool(!!!)

I can't put into words all the emotions surrounding this event. It has arrived too fast. Pride in showing her off to my co-workers. Anxiety. What if she does or says something that reflects badly on me? (That sounds worse than intended but you know what I mean.) Will she make friends?  This is an unnecessary concern, the girl is very social. But the concern is there, nonetheless.

Kinsey, you are the joy in my life. The song in my heart. Your smile is radiating. And I am now sharing you with the world. It's a big place and sometimes scary. And sad. And lonely. But those days come and go. Don't let them overshadow all the good. Because there is plenty of good. God made sure of that.

I know this well. I am your mommy. I'm living it with you. I've lived it before you. I have lots of stories. About the sad. And the good. Especially the good; I have you, Daddy, Little Baby. God made sure of that.
Here's to your first day of Preschool. I know you will love it. You will make friends, get sand in your pants, probably be told to "stop yelling" and use an inside voice. And I will be extremely proud of you. I always will. I always am. There are many more firsts to come. I will be with you for them all, I am your mommy. God made sure of that.

Top- thrifted, Old Navy
Khakis- Jumping Beans, Kohls 2012
Shoes- Crocs

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