Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Where I'm at Wednesday

April was full of surprises, but no April Showers here in California; and that is a bummer.  Here is what kept me busy this month:

Taxes:  I was seriously behind on filing this year I usually get it done as soon as the W-2's arrive in the mail; this year, not so much.  But before the deadline. I did bang them out in a few hours (during nap time no less) and with our refund, I can proudly say we paid off 2 minor credit cards and the majority of the hospital bill.  It feels sooooo good.  Though on a side note, I heard getting money back is actually not a good thing because then the government has too much free reign over your money during the course of the year, but I'll take whatever we can get ;)

We celebrated Baby's First Easter and my Gramma's 76th Birthday.  Cake is a big deal around our house.  This one is from Whole Foods and it's the Berry Chantilly.  Trust me, you have got to try this cake.  They sell them by the slice and usually only during berry season. You won't regret it.

Brian celebrated his 29th Birthday.  And we hit the town on our first date since Brielana's birth.

I got my hair did.  It only took 10 years and 3.5 hours to do ;)

I surprised myself this month by reading 5 books; Emily Climbs and Emily's Quest by L.M Montgomery, Blackbird House and Local Girls by Alice Hoffman, and Austenland by Shannon Hale.  Hoffman may be a new favorite author, but I will have to read a couple more of her novels to know for sure. I actually watched Austenland first because I didn't realize it was a book, both are lighthearted and entertaining.  But of course, I could only picture Jane as Keri Russell.  And I'm not unhappy about that.

How did your April go?

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Story of Us: Dating Years

This April 7th has marked a decade of togetherness for Me and Brian; ten years of sharing dreams, making our two lives into one, growing up and growing our family. A lot has happened in the past ten years. We are definitely different people than we used to be. And that's a good thing. When we first started dating we both had come out of bad long term relationships and were both a little broken. I contribute Brian with saving me by introducing me to Christ and with showing me what true love can be.  

Our dating years consisted of spending time together at every chance we could get, we were 18 and 19 after all. I remember a handful of times staying up all night talking and watching movies and then driving home at sunrise to sleep for a couple of hours before going to work at Gap. Life was exciting and new again. 

As I stated, Brian introduced me to God; he was gifted the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren for Christmas and we spent a week and a half completing it together. He grew up in a Christ-centered home and when I had questions, I went to his Grandma (G-ma). We found a church, recommended by my BFF and started our own little "Tribe" (dubbed thus by our Pastor Roger) along with Brian's brother Aaron and my friend Amrha. That summer I was baptized. This was our first year together.

Second year of dating saw me starting a new chapter, job-wise.  I started working at a preschool and I had found my calling.  I enrolled in Community College and began in earnest my adult career.  Brian was super supportive and his mom even recommended me for the position at said Preschool.  I was my future Sister in Law's first teacher :)  ***Funny story, bro: my brother in law called me "Miss Whitney" for years and I wasn't even his teacher!  Pretty sure he stopped only about 2 or 3 years ago, after 8 years of knowing him! (granted, I first met him when he was 4, so I'll cut him some slack.)
2 year old Hailey on the left: so. stinkin. cute.

Our third year saw great changes for Brian; he got a job at Whole Foods, bought his first car, and began to save money to buy me an engagement ring.  We found a new church that actually met in the same building as my first job (a movie theater) and I loved "coming back home", so to speak.  After a trip to Arkansas to visit Aunt Cindy and her Family, we came back home abuzz with what-ifs and our future.  And the next month, Brian asked me to marry him, on our 3 year anniversary.

The next chapter in The Story of Us: Our Engagement.

The Story of Us: How we met
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Favorite Things: Accessories

It's time to talk accessories!  My tried and true favorites:


I wear a belt every day (no joke) so I know a thing or two about them. I get mine from Gap and Old Navy (surprise, surprise). Their leather lasts a long time and quality is key. And durability.

I make fun of Brian about his 'jeans addiction', his comeback- "at least I wear all of mine, shoe hoarder." Yikes. Now, it is true I own more shoes than necessary and that shoes are my weakness. Regardless of what size pants I wear, my feet generally stay the same size (though I feel they have gotten bigger since having children, anyone else?!) and that translates to having choices in my closet. Though I generally stick to slip on sneakers and flats, I love my boots for Fall and Winter, and have some pretty heels for those few fancy occasions.

I love me some scarves- infinity, cowl, blanket, skinny, patterned or plain, they just work. And I kinda have a thing about my neck so there's that. All I'm saying is you can't go wrong with a scarf.

I'm not a big jewelry wearer but my favorite accessory is my wedding ring. Brian did a beautiful job picking it out for me. For all it symbolizes and encompasses it can't be beat! Unless you count these girls.  They are my greatest treasures.

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