Tuesday, June 30, 2015


My girl Vanessa at X-tremely V tagged me to join in the Love/Hate/Tag post so I'm going for it!  All you have to do is share 10 things you love, 10 things you hate and then nominate 10 bloggers to join in the fun!  Let's do this!


1. This probably doesn't even need to be stated, but I love my Family!

2. Water.  Hands down my favorite beverage.  And I definitely know I'm in the minority when I say "I love water".  But I really do.

3. Reading.  And I will pretty much read anything.

4. Layering my clothes.  Jeans and a belt with a tank top+tshirt+ cardigan+ scarf= my perfect combination.  Clearly I relish the colder months.

5. Citrus scents.  Lemon just does it for me.  Grapefruit is heavenly.

6. Sweets.  I have an awful sweet tooth.  Chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, candy.  You name it, I'll eat if sugar is an ingredient.  

7. Slip-on shoes.  I'm not lazy or anything but tying shoes is completely unnecessary.

8. A cozy pair of PJs.  Sigh.

9. Being a Girl Mom.  In all it's pink, glittery, princess-y glory.

10. A nice nap.  Or as Kinsey calls it a "cuddle" (because the girl can't stand the n-a-p word.)


1. Being barefoot.  I just can't do it.  Even inside my own house.  I always wear socks or slippers.  

2. Doing dishes.  But what's worse is a full sink of dirty dishes.  So I do them.

3. Being in traffic.  Who actually likes this, am I right?  And aggressive drivers, I'm a granny driver so this really makes me nervous.  Suffice it to say my husband does all the driving when we're in L.A.

4. Not being prepared.  I'm a planner and if I feel unprepared I get a little nauseous.  I'm not very good with spontaneous either.

5. Hearing people argue.  I get all sweaty and retreat inside myself.  Most of the time I don't even realize there's a problem until someone yells and then I shut down.  Watching Reality TV is not my thing lol.

6. Getting my hands dirty.  I don't like getting pen marks on me.  I can't garden.  I'm pretty neurotic about having clean hands, it's a wonder I'm a preschool teacher.

7. Loud noises.  Which is kind of ironic because I can be pretty loud.  Apparently I have a sensory disorder of some kind, see items #5-7!

8. Cigarettes.  The smell alone is disgusting.  Thank goodness no one in my family smokes, yuck.

9. Being scared.  Not a fan of scary movies.  I have an active imagination so, nightmares.  I recently watched Blackfish and was plagued by killer whales all night.  F-r-e-a-k-y.

10.  Being embarrassed.  I go from normal to red in 3 seconds flat.  And try as I might it stays that way forever.  And don't you know it, but my 4 year old is really good at embarrassing me in public, haha. 


If you want to play along, I nominate:

1. Elizabeth @ Chasin Mason

2. Courtney @ Sweet Turtle Soup

7. Whitney @ Mama and Mister

8. Courtney @ A+ Life

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Influenster Nurture VoxBox

***I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.***

This is my 3rd VoxBox and they just keep getting better and better! Box 1 Box 2 .

The Nurture VoxBox was sent to the moms of Influenster and had a bunch of awesome products just perfect for summer.

Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate AntiAging Facial Mask
I've never heard of Hada Labo before trying this sample.  The mask smells lovely (like apple and cherry blossoms) and left my skin feeling soft and looking radiant.  The only downside?  My daughter thought I looked "creepy".  Yeah, I totally get the Jason vibe, haha.

Uncle Ben's
We love rice in this household!  This is a convenient and tasty way to eat your grains.  This rice would be great to use in stuffed bell peppers or on it's own as a side.  

We've been using this sunscreen on all of our Summer Adventures! From the beach to the park, from berry picking to the Farmer's Market; this has been in my bag and on our skin. Because it is chemical- free, I feel comfortable putting it on my 11 month old, my 4 year old and on myself. The cap is also UVA sensitive and will turn blue when its activated by the sun which also helps to remind you to reapply!
I have yet to have the need to try out the Blue Lizard Austrailian Sunscreen Sport, but if it's anything like the Sensitive, it's a keeper!

I don't suffer motion sickness problems but you can never be too prepared, especially during Summertime and all the traveling that is done. I'm big on natural products so this is already esteemed just for being "clean".

This balm smells super good! It reminds me of honeycomb and licorice and is smooth when applied. Brielana doesn't have diaper rash but it did calm some redness from sitting in her seat in a wet diaper for a tad too long. 

Classic snack! I worked at a movie theater in high school and seeing a package of these always takes me back!

These were delicious. I just heated them in the microwave for 4 minutes and they really did come out crispy. I added chili and cheese on top of mine and made them a meal. 

I've been using the same brand of shampoo on Kinsey since she was a newborn. I love how the smell instantly brings back memories from her babyhood. When this shampoo arrived, I was in need for some because I had forgotten to buy some the last time we were at the store. A fail turned into a win! This product smells good, lathers nicely and rinses out well. It comes in a much bigger bottle than our previous favorite but that one is a 2-in-1 and also works as a body wash, so I'm not sure if we will be switching permanently (the less clutter in the shower, the better). I just took a look at the website and it looks like they do carry a 2-1!!!

{Thank you Influenster for all the fabulous goodies!}

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Patriotic Playwear

Patriotic Playwear

Patriotic Playwear by work-it-mommy 

Having a daughter born on the 4th of July has me looking at ALL things Americana!  Here are a few of my favorite red, white and blue goodies for all those darling little girls in your life!

Linking up with Annie, Astleigh and Vanessa.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Where I'm at Wednesday

Wellll, June has been a super busy but really fun month!  

We kicked off summer with a visit from Aunt Cindy and cousin Claudia from Arkansas and Kinsey may have a new best friend.  This was the first time she and Brielana got to meet them (well, actually Kinsey met Cindy when she was 4 weeks old, but I'm not counting that, haha).
cousin besties
I've read 3 books: Swapping Lives by Jane Green, The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel and currently reading What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson . Another movie adaptation to watch!  And if you want to connect on GoodReads find me here.

Since going berry picking I've been eating ALL the strawberries. # justaddwhippedcream

Next month has my baby turning ONE. Definitely excited and surprised by this wonderful milestone. Brielana is a 4th of July baby so I have my eye on all things Americana.

You can also find me over at Courtney's blog Shiraz in my Sippy Cup as I wax poetic on being a Girl Mom!

Linking up with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer.
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