Thursday, May 28, 2015

Easy Organizing: my Beauty Basket

I'm a sucker for easy organizing!  Like put-stuff-in-a-pretty-container-and-call-it-a-day, easy organizing.  So here's a peek inside my beauty basket:

This handy and (cute!) wicker basket from Target corrals all my essential products and is always within easy reach inside the bathroom closet.  I just pull it out and get on with my morning routine.

It houses my body lotion, facial lotion, toner, zit cream, nail polish/clippers/file, and aerosol deodorant (which is a miracle product and I highly recommend that you try it!)

Do you have a genius storage system?  What are your favorite products?  Will you ditch the stick and try aerosol deodorant?! ;)

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Where I'm at Wednesday

I can't believe May is over?!  Seriously, where did the month go???  Here's how my month went:

We had a quick weekend mini vacation to see my cousin get married in L.A.  It was short and sweet (the vacation not the ceremony, haha.)  While there we had a quick jaunt in Downtown Disney (see below)  The 5 hour travel time both ways wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, #winning. 

I've been wearing my white Converse a lot lately, even though I'm totally paranoid about getting them dirty.  Which is going to happen anyway so I wear them everywhere!
Downtown Disney
at home

Haha, just realized I'm basically wearing the same outfit!  See?!  Everywhere!

I've read my 3-book quota: Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman, Mrs. Lincoln's Rival by Jennifer Chiaverini and This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper.  All very good and very different, I was feeling eclectic :)  Dying to watch the movie adaptations of Practical Magic and This Is Where I Leave You! 
Flamingo Fancy

I love flamingo print for this summer and was so glad to see other bloggers crushing on it too!
  1. Little Baby Garvin: flamingo favorites
  2. Hello Happiness Blog: Love of all things flamingo
Are you ready to embrace flamingo print?!

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Monday, May 25, 2015

My Must Have Hair Products

My Must Have Hair Products

Goody Slide Proof Large Half Claw Clip, 1CT : Target / Goody 50Ct Brown Colour Collection Bobby Pin : Target / Garnier® Fructis® Sleek & Shine Intensel... : Target / John Frieda Frizz Ease® Dream Curls® Dai... : Target / Conair Mega Ceramic Round Boar Bristle Hair Brus... : Target / Suave Natural Infusion Moisturizing Conditioner ... : Target

I'm a super simple gal and like to keep it that way (mama doesn't have time for complicated), so when I find something I really like, I will use it forever.  With the exception of the Frizz Ease, I use these products daily. And it doesn't hurt that they are all cheap affordable (Target for the win!) 

A big "like" factor for me is scent because I don't often wear perfume, my hair products do double-duty.  And the combination of the Suave and Garnier is ah-mazing!  I get compliments ALL the time about smelling good.  The Garnier is also the only product I put in my hair to hold my curl.  If I need a little pick-me-up, I'll reach for the Frizz Ease.

This sounds weird, but I only blow dry and straighten my bangs and use the round brush to do this.  If I could accomplish a picture while doing all this, it would totally make sense ;).  Also, I just recently learned how to curl my hair with my straightener and feel the need to tell everyone I know. For someone who doesn't know how to do her hair (see below) this is a cause for celebration. 

Question of the Century: why is it that bobby pins come in a huge pack and I only have 6 to use?!  They must go to the same place that missing socks disappear to. And I am proud to still rock this 90's hair style:

What are your must have hair products?  

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Target Giveaway!

Super excited to be part of this giveaway (my very first!) with two wonderful bloggers who I totally want be Besties with in real life, Courtney and Liz.  Just use the Rafflecopter link below to enter to win a $30 Target gift card!  Good luck!

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

L.A Trip + Wedding

We had a whirlwind trip over the weekend for my cousin's wedding down in L.A; thanks be to God the weather was perfect (in my book at least.  A solid 75, haha) and the girls did pretty good being cooped up in their car seats for 5 hours (also a big shout-out to whoever developed portable DVD players, mothers everywhere are in your debt.)  We left Saturday and came back Monday.

We travel down the 101 for the scenic views and cooler temps and to stop by our favorite town ever: San Luis Obispo and to eat at Apple Farm, the cutest place ever.  This marks Brielana's first visit there and Kinsey's 4th.

Funny Story: We were looking around the gift shop and Kinsey says out of nowhere, "eww whats that smell?  Daddy, did you fart?!" The girl is a riot.

We arrive at my Uncle and Aunts house in Arcadia and relax in the hot tub.  It was the prefect way to unwind after sitting in the car for so long.

Sunday we got up and headed to Downtown Disney for a little excursion at World of Disney.  We fully took advantage of Valet parking after circling the two open lots for what felt like an hour.  Best $6 investment EVER.
The obligatory Micky treat
We return and get ready for the Wedding.  Of course my hair doesn't cooperate but no one really cared what I looked like anyway ;)  I also didn't get a good picture of us decked out in our fancy clothes, but what can you do?  And if you're curious, I ended up wearing Dress option A (the strapless dress just wasn't holding up, haha.)

The ceremony was lovely; my cousin cried when he saw his bride walk down the aisle and that was it for me.  I was undone.  They have been together as long as Brian and I so its nice to finally have them "make it official."  Brielana slept through the ceremony and cocktail hour and woke up just before dinner #perfecttiming.

Totally looks like a rum and coke, ha!  Obviously it's not.
The cocktail hour and reception was a blast, I'm not a dancer but Kinsey certainly was cutting a rug and Brielana was enjoying the food and people watching.  We kept the girls up a little past their bedtime and got into bed around 10:45p, not too shabby.

Our tokens from a beautiful evening
The next morning everyone slept in a bit and then we ended our mini vacation with another dip in the hot tub.

Going back home we powered our way through only stopping once and we lucked out again with great temperatures! And that was our trip!  It wasn't half as bad traveling with a 10 month old as I had imagined. And even though I would have liked to have stayed another day, someone was certainly glad to see us:

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