Friday, December 9, 2016

Secret Santa Mommy & Me Book Exchange

I say this every year but it's the truth; this is my favorite Christmas exchange and is so special to me personally, because this is the exchange that introduced to me to Liz and Courtney (insert heart eye emojis here.)

This year we actually got to be Secret Santa for Courtney and Aria (sweet Lincoln wasn't here yet) so go check them out if you want to see what we sent them!

The sweet ladies Jamie, Paysen and Liana from Cocktails and Carseats were our Santa's and they sure did spoil us! I feel like we came full circle as we were their Santa's last year!
The first presents under the tree
I loved the note Jamie wrote because I feel the exact same way- this blogging community is everything. 

My favorite shot- the top of the head. I actually made the girls wait overnight before opening these because the lighting wasn't right haha (#bloggerproblems) so to say they torn right in is an understatement.
Just look at that huge cheese! Kinsey was so excited to unwrap Olivia and the Fairy Princesses. It is a family favorite and one of my personal favorite opening lines of a children's book with,
"Olivia was depressed."
Brielana opened up a Little Golden Book Frosty the Snowman (again, another personal favorite, lol. Basically I got all the books I wanted ;) And the spine is not golden but red! That just tickled me.
Jamie picked out Room for me and after reading Kristin and Stephanie's rave reviews about it, I'm dying to jump in!

Thank you Jamie! We all loved the books you sent us! And thank you Ashley, Courtney and Liz for hosting this lovely exchange!

Sweet Turtle Soup

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  1. Yay!!! Love the books you ladies received! So much fun. I love how happy the girls are with their books. Makes my heart happy.

  2. YES!! I'm so excited for you to read Room and her newest novel is amazing, too.

  3. Great choices! We have that Frosty book and the kids love it! And I'm excited for you to read Room - it's disturbing! I had nightmares.

  4. Oh how fun that you got to shop for Jamie and the girls last year and Jamie got to shop for you this year. It really did some full circle! Funny how that works :)
    Oh and I was TOTALLY worried about the lighting for my pictures too. But my books came earlier this week and I knew I didn't have time to take pictures during the day (that and the light at my house is TERRIBLE) so I just rolled with the Christmas tree and the regular light in Mason's room and actually kind of love it. He was so excited for his books. Looks like the girls were too!

  5. I love how it was full circle for you guys with this exchange! You got some great books!

  6. Those big smiles! I hadn't heard of the book you got before. I hope it's great.

  7. We don't have that Frosty book, but I'm immediately adding it to the kids book list!
    And Room is SO good! I read it quite a while ago, but I could not put it down.

  8. Room is so good. It's definitely thought provoking, especially for a mom currently in the thick of raising young kids. I saw the movie too, but the book was so much better.

  9. What great choices! That Olivia book looks darling--Stella's has a couple fairy books and loves them! Thank you for link-up, it's my favorite link-up too! :)

  10. So sweet and I am seriously impressed with that red, green, red, green writing.

  11. Room is going to rock you! You've been warned. It's so dang good but man, it hits hard.


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