Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Children's Book Club // Dr Seuss fun {March}

Welcome to March's Children's Book Club, Jess and I are so happy you are joining us! What kind of Seuss fun have you had this month? I actually took this month's fun to my Preschool classroom and had a full week of silly shenanigans.
We had Slime in our water table/Colorful rocks in our sensory bin with Seuss characters/Patterning like The Cat in the Hat's hat/And finished it off with green eggs and ham!

Next month in celebration of Spring we will be reading Eric Carle's The Tiny Seed, so link up with us on Tuesday, April 18th! Below is some inspiration for you. And link up too!

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  1. I love that you did so much Seuss in your classroom! I did some too despite my co-teacher's hate for Seuss. Who hates him? It was so fun and the kids have never sat so still during circle time.

  2. Green eggs and ham, you are amazing. SO many fun Dr. Seuss activities girl.

  3. I really loved this month's theme and we've already started with next months. I can't thank you and Jess enough for the fun this book club provides CJ and I.

  4. The slime! So fun! How did your girls like the green eggs? Mila wasn't a fan, haha. Looking forward to next month!

  5. Lots of fun! I love Dr Seuss inspired education activities!

  6. So much fun! Mason would be all about that slime. Dr Seuss is the best!!

  7. Oh my gosh, I kind of love that you made green eggs and ham! I've always wanted to do that! Did the girls like it?

  8. Holy cow! You went all out! I was like, "Here's a book, let's read it!" The end.
    How did the kids do with the slime? Marcus tends to shy away from things like that, so I'm curious how others responded to it.

  9. Slime in the water table - Ez and Declan would love that! How long does it last before it gets icky?


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