Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Growing up Clark // eleven month edit

Eleven months old. Sigh. We got here quick, didn't we? Babies DO NOT keep.
Growing up Clark // eleven month edit

Clark is trying his hardest to walk. Errrr, okay maybe not his hardest as he gets all weak legged and plops right onto his bum when he's had enough, but it's the cutest thing. He doesn't use his knees properly so it looks like Forrest Gump trying to dance like Elvis in his leg braces. HA! Six consecutive independent steps holds the record.
Growing up Clark // eleven month edit
Another tooth has made it's presence known bringing the total up to 7. I also see some swelling near the back (molars) which really concerns me, don't those grow in last? 

We are basically eating our way through the south this summer. Arkansas green beans, goose berries (which are crazy, they feel slimy like tomatillos but have a bite like blueberries but are tart like lemons!) smoked brisket, homemade biscuits; the kid is eating g-o-o-d.
Growing up Clark // eleven month edit
His body is lengthening and getting lean like a toddler's, thank goodness his cheeks are still nice and plump otherwise I would really be bawling about losing my baby (dramatic much?)

Clark has been really experimenting with his facial features. The kid can pull some faces. My favorites are the cat-who-caught-the-canary smirk and the I'm so happy my smile can't get any bigger open mouth grin (both which are represented in these pictures!) Which ones your favorite? 
Growing up Clark // eleven month edit
Don't even ask me about a First Birthday theme, I'm completely in denial. And possibly a little bit overwhelmed. 
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  1. Oh sweet Clark! His smile and those beautiful eyes melt my heart. These are all amazing pictures, but that last one is a framer, for sure! So adorable.

    1. Thank you, Crystal!! I have so many I need to have printed. I'm seriously the worst when it comes to that, sigh.


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