Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Currently 012

It's f i n a l l y February! That meme about January being the longest year is too accurate. Joining Anne for her monthly Currently link up!
Anticipating |
There are some exciting things going on over here and I am all aflutter. Ill be able to share soon!

Going |
This is more like “coming” but my mom and gramma are visiting during Spring break in March and we are all counting down the days!! 

Making |
Like the good hostess I am I’m making list upon list in preparation of said visit. What to serve. Where to sight-see. What to do. Though I have a feeling we'll be doing more staying-in-and-talking, which works too.

Watching |
The Librarians. It's an old show (based on made for TV movies starring Noah Wyle) that has since been cancelled but still fun to watch. Brian and I just finished it, so, any show recommendations? :)

Wearing |
Layers. Layers. Layers. The weather has been really wacky; spring like sunny and warm 70’s and then a couple of days later, it's frigid and threatening to snow. Bless cardigans, anorak jackets, scarves and tank tops.

What have you been up to?

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  1. Yes the weather is confusing layers does help because whenever I'm hot I'll just take it off to cold put it back on.

  2. I know, I have seen so many good memes/letterboard quotes about January taking like a whole year to go by, and I thought "TRUTH" every time. How fun to be having a family visit to prep for and look forward to - things like that are so necessary to cope with winter, I think :)

  3. I do love some good layers. And yes, January really does seem to be extra long! Yay for a new month.



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