Monday, April 15, 2019

Tiny Letters 419

I missed Kristins Little Letters link up last month and felt so out of sorts! Redeeming myself for April (though I am a few days late)! Oh, and I apologize for all the apologies, it was that kind of week.
Tiny Letters 419

Dear Strep throat,
What a way to start the week! You plum knocked me down AND out. Thank the heavens for modern medicine and amoxicillin. 

Dear Brian,
Your birthday is the day before Easter this year so I apologize in advance. Just kidding! The girls have some excellent gift ideas and now I just need to execute.  

Dear Kinsey,
Its hit me really hard just how much you have grown this year. I love you daughter who made me a mommy.

Dear Clark,
I’m sorry you have gone from illness to illness but I swear your immune system will be impenetrable this time next year.

Dear Brielana,
I’m sorry you got you finger caught in the bathroom door and more sorry that I was the one who left the room first. Your tough, baby girl.

Dear Beautycounter Friends + Family sale,
You, my friend, are a gift in the form of 15% off sitewide. End tonite at 11:59p EST- don't MISS OUT!

Dear Stitch Fix,
My spring refresh arrived Thursday and it is sooooo good! I will have my picks post up this week!

Dear June & January Q2 release,
You. Are. KILLING. IT. I'm not one to beg for summer’s return but between your swim wear and canvas flats, I'm so ready! If you want in on the goodness, use my code thefamilysmith520 for 20% off!

Dear Easter,
It always surprises me how fast you sneak up! Many praises for the gold wire baskets being restocked at Walmart so I can actually go hard on filling them up! Plus, Cadbury mini eggs.

Dear Reading Life,
Welcome back dear friend. You are always missed but so easy to come back to, many thanks.

Dear Blazer A/C,
All we’ve been through over the years and you want to play games right before summer? I'm beyond offended.

Dear Blue Light blocker glasses,
I have been on my phone more than usual lately and you have really kept up your end of the bargain, no more headaches! I have the Lester frames in tortoise from and had the blue block lenses added (under "fashion lens") This has been my first experience ordering from an online glasses site and I am very pleased with their customer service and products. They have a couple of codes you can use to save on your eye wear needs: GSHOT50 for  50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded) and FIRSTFREE on your first purchase. I received these complimentary for review purposes but my opinion is my own. glasses frames as reviewed on Work it Mommy blog

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