Wednesday, June 5, 2019

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Oh June. As much as I love having the days at home with my kiddos, I just can't get behind the stifling heat, but that's enough of my negativity. I'm joining Anne for her Currently linkup and if you like to share fun, bite-sized pieces of your life, then you should too!
Currently 015
Kinsey's suit

Picking |
I have been dying to go blueberry picking at a local berry farm but its first two opening days have been rained out. Also see wishing below.

Going |
To the P O O L. 

Wishing |
The weather stayed this way all summer. Of course then we'd be dealing with tornado watches/warnings (and time spent together in the bathtub) but 80 degrees with wind and mixed showers is where it's at.

Wearing |
I got some hand me downs from Brian's cousin so its been fun incorporating them into my wardrobe and making them my own. It's probably going to get the most wear come Fall but this plaid top has been so comfy!
Currently 015
Celebrating |
SUMMER! I've planned out our days on a rotating "schedule" of crafts/pool/travel around town and this is the inaugural week. Our first craft was a success!
I'm also planning Brielana's FIFTH birthday party (I'm in the camp of mom's who is touched by her babies growing up so this is a touch bittersweet.)

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  1. I am not looking forward to those 110°+ days! I am trying to find a strawberry picking farm. You’d think there would be plenty to choose from in Texas. But nope, not in my area at least. You are so cute and I am loving that top! How fun to get some new pieces for your wardrobe.


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