Monday, November 11, 2019

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No surprise that I missed Anne's Currently link up- Wednesdays tend to be Brian's day off so I'm utterly unprepared to post, apparently. Never mind I have this written a week in advance, sigh.
Picking | 
Our Christmas cards! I am so ahead of the game this year and I hope that it sets the tone for the rest of the holiday season.

Preparing |
Our home for Thanksgiving. The mantel has been the shining star of my decor efforts and so I keep at it. 

Trying |
To find some good muffin recipes. Kinsey has been begging for blueberry muffins but berry season is over and I just can't pay $8 for disappointing fruit. I made some apple crumble muffins on Saturday but ANY recommendations would be so appreciated!

Feeling |
I'm a mixed bag during this time of year. Sad for my papa's passing. Missing family in California. Hopeful for Christmas and Jesus' birth. Excited to see the wonder of the season in my babe's eyes. As women we hold all the contradictory emotions close and I'm feeling it deeply. If this is you, know I see you. Sending some positive encouragement your way ❤

Following |
The Balanced Life's Robin is amazing. I love her videos and I am currently halfway through her Pilates with a Purpose challenge. I highly recommend her programs and she has a huge free resource page on her blog too!

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