Wednesday, September 9, 2020

5 ways I'm prioritizing my health right now

Quarantine weight gain has made itself known at my house. I have noticed my jeans feeling a bit snug. Not shut-in related but a contributing factor of said weight gain is also the horribly hot weather- we haven't been doing regular neighborhood walks and it just seems everything is adding together to put me in a mood. Instead of feeling sorry for myself (anymore lol) I decided to take action. Here's what's been helping me ditch the blues and feel empowered instead of complacent.
5 ways I'm prioritizing my health right now on Work it Mommy blog
side plank, holla

Tracking my caloric intake. I am not on any special diet and truthfully, I haven't even altered what I'm eating, but I am tracking my calories by logging all my food intake with My Fitness Pal.

Portion control. This really goes hand-in-hand with tracking calories but its hard. Its amazing to see the difference between serving size and what I eat- there is a big discrepancy. 

No more mindless snacking. You know what I love? Eating popcorn while watching TV. Or chips. Or ice cream. Or, or, or. But when I'm zoning on a show, I'm also putting more into my mouth than I normally would, so I'm not TV-eating anymore.

Daily Pilates. I've switched to morning workouts and it really sets the tone for the whole day. I've been doing daily The Balanced Life Pilates routines with Robin since May, but as far as being a fan of hers, that goes back a couple of years! I never miss out on her free Challenges and she has a new one beginning September 14th! It spans 5 days, only takes 15 minutes and you'll feel so good afterwards! I live for hearing, "and you're done for the day!" in Robin's sweet voice. Sign up here: Will you join me?!
5 ways I'm prioritizing my health right now on Work it Mommy blog
Napping. My ideal sleep needs are around 10 hours of uninterrupted shut eye. I ask you, do you think that happens? Big n-o. So if I'm feeling a bit sluggish, I'll get a few winks in while putting Clark down for his nap. It is the ultimate midday refresher.

What are some ways you're prioritizing your health in this season of life?

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