Thursday, November 11, 2021

Laurel's Name Explained {Baby #4}

As a true mommy blogger and type A (symmetry is everything haha) I have to share all about the how and why of naming Laurel.
Laurel's Name Explained on Work it Mommy blog
If you've been following along with my pregnancy, you already know it literally took 9 months to pick a name. That is not even an exaggeration. I was 2 weeks out from giving birth to her! I cross stitched this in two days to get out some nervous jitters and to do a name sneak peek but couldn't even finish it before she was born, doh! One day it'll be completed.
Laurel's Name Explained on Work it Mommy blog
I had very specific guidelines that helped with my name selection:
  1. that it be an uncommon name
  2. last name as first name preferred (like Kinsey and Clark)
  3. bonus if it went with 'Gray' as the middle name

I had a list of 25-27 names that didn't change all that much throughout my pregnancy that Brian would periodically skim and then put aside. And that was the game we played.
Laurel's Name Explained on Work it Mommy blog

Laurel is a last name (think Stan Laurel of Laurel & Hardy fame) checking my box and Brian's reason for liking it goes back to his DC comic fanboy as its the alter ego name of Black Canary.

Gray is a anagram of Gary, my papa's name, and the only tribute to family that we have bestowed on one of our babes. Papa passed away November of 2017 and I have missed him every day since.

And if you're curious here are some of the names from my list:

Laurel's Name Explained on Work it Mommy blog

There you have it! The long and short of how we named our final baby. Check out these posts for more about how we named our babes:

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