Thursday, May 26, 2022

9 Months In// 9 Months Out {Life with Laurel}

And just like that
9 months in/9 months out on Work it Mommy blog
Laurel has graced us with her presence for as many months outside my body as she did inside.
The last 9 months have gone by ridiculously fast. Like, I blinked and we're coming upon someone's milestone first birthday. How dare she grow up. The audacity, right? In an attempt to be more present in the every day, I've blogged little about Laurel's monthly growth but had to document this.

My body held you for 9 months. It grew and sustained you for 9 months. Even before I knew of the miracle growing inside me, my body took care of you. For 9 months.

And now, I get to watch you grow. And change. And become who you are meant to be. For the past 9 months and beyond. You are truly a gift from God. We are so blessed.

Here's to the what was, and is, and is to come. Cheers to you, sweet girl.

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