Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Summer 2022 Bucket list

Summer 2022 Bucket list on Work it Mommy blog
We've been enjoying summer vacation for exactly a week now, how about you? In summer's past, I had activities planned every day of the week, for three months straight. Let me tell you, now with 4 kids and the way Laurel has been (not) sleeping lately, its going to be a lot less structured this year. Mama is tired.
But just because I don't have every day planned to the gills doesn't mean I want summer to pass us by in a blur of non-activity and television watching, though there will be some of both happening, no shame here.

I went back to my old-school blogger roots and made up a quick bucket list graphic of all the things we want to do as a family. I can proudly say we've already gotten one hike under our belts (the second day of vacation, no less, too-toot!) and I introduced the kids to the lost art of friendship bracelet making so our crafts are coming along nicely.

A little rundown on how we're filling our summer days this year:

There are so many amazing natural areas around us, (Hello, Natural State!) and I have added a few more local spots to visit and hike. We obviously are starting small and slow but the great thing about the trails we pick is the ease of transversing by little feet. 
Summer 2022 Bucket list on Work it Mommy blog
Clark picked up a pack of watermelon seeds at Target. He is invested in their growing. We shall see!

Our local library just kicked off their Summer Reading Program and you know we were there! I have a stack of books on my shelf and a long list of want to reads.

Kinsey outgrew her inlines and got a new pair for Christmas but she hasnt had a great opportunity to break them in yet. We have nice flat streets but she also wants to go to the roller rink.

Bea has been anticipating her next Baketivity box. And of course we always have a running list of treats we want to eat, errrr, bake.

Mini Golf:
Anyone else watching Holey Moley? We love it! It has also inspired the desire to play at the mini golf course.

We have a couple of bowling halls around us and there are always great deals to be had.

Arts & crafts:
I want to take some watercolor painting classes. Kinsey has her chalk pastels. Bea and Clark are working in tempera paints. Besides friendship bracelets, we have clay beads and loom bands to create with. Honestly, the crafting is unlimited!

Berry picking:
Did you know Arkansas is a proliferate blueberry producer? There are a handful of blueberry farms near us including The Berry Farm run by the Marrs of From Fixer to Fabulous fame. We have yet to actually go and pick and I want to remedy that this summer.

Not only is the 4th of July a national holiday but also a very special little girl's birthday. Her 8th to be exact. Not a shabby day to celebrate, amiright?!

What are your summer plans? Feel free to use our bucket list as inspo! You can download it here. Happy Summering!
Summer 2022 Bucket list on Work it Mommy blog

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