Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Animal Parade // Painting with Animal Figures

preschool art painting with animal figures
My students are wayyyy into animals right now. Somehow that progressed from Circus straight to animals. It tickles me that every day at least one student asks me, "Are we having our Parade today?" I'm not sure how this even came to be; I have not once mentioned us having a Parade but ever since that one kiddo said it, now it's like our classroom catch-phrase.
Lo and behold, I found the perfect book and activity to quell their animal and parade obsession: Animal Parade by Jakki Wood.  I'm not making this up.  'Ask and you shall receive'  am I right?!

Animal Parade Printing

Assorted plastic toy animals

I first read the story and then set out the paints and animals and the kids had at it.  Some made prints with the feet, others used the animal's like a brush and moved them back and forth across the paper.  It was a fun activity that went hand-in-hand with our unit.

Even better, clean up was a breeze!  Just rinse and dry.  

The Million Dollar question now: will someone ask me about 'the Parade' tomorrow?  :)

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