Friday, May 31, 2013


My Instagram profile is set to Private but I will add anyone as long as you're not trying to sell me anything or want me to friend- train you (Ha! That doesn't sound right?!) TheFamilySmith3 .

Last Friday was my Preschool's last day.  I had a student in my class since she was 2 years old (She's now 4) Crazy how I watched her grow up.  That Family is dear to my heart and lucky for me, I get little Sister next year : )

My daughter is crazy for painting.  Her daddy got her some watercolors; a step up from finger paints, but look where they ended up- all over her hands!  She kills me.

 Daddy was detailing his car and she was trying to drive away.  I swear she's 2 going on 16.

 It was one of those nights I was glued to the couch and we were watching the tube; this face melts my heart.

I got lucky and was able to get today (Friday) off!  We had a Girl's Date and went to our favorite place:  The Aquarium.  We went sans stroller for the second time ever and did great; low traffic, short lines and a new play area was explored.  It was lovely.
And like always, what's a trip to the Aquarium without stopping by Pinkberry for a pick-me-up sugar rush.  It was the cherry on top of the perfect day.

Thanks for joining me!
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