Monday, July 15, 2013

Monkey masks

My little monkeys in class wanted to learn about monkeys this last week so we made these cute monkey masks!

paper plates                                                  glue                                             masking tape
tempera paint                                                Popsicle sticks
paint brushes                                                 ruler
construction paper                                        scissors

Each child painted their own plate with brown tempera paint and let dry over night.

I prepped my brown construction paper circles before the project but depending on age or skill level, your child can cut them out independently. Glue to dried paper plate. I added nostrils and a smile :)

I slit the bottom of the masks with my scissors and inserted the Popsicle sticks and taped the back with masking tape.  I then measured out eye holes and cut them out.

My students loved them and they got a lot of use.  We used ours with the song "5 Little Monkeys swinging in the tree" and just subbed the amount of monkeys for students.  They enjoyed acting it out and got some of their sillies out too.

{How's that for 'monkeying around'?}

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