Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sick Day Essentials

Sick Day Essentials by work-it-mommy 

We are currently under the weather over here and so it seemed the perfect time to share my Sick Day Essentials and how I nurse my Toddler through sickness:

1. A cozy blanket, need I say more?
2. A humidifier to clear congested nasal passages
3. Boogie Wipes- we love these things!
4. Nasal aspirator works like a charm on stubborn snot.
5. A spoonful of honey to soothe a sore throat (only to be used for those over 1 year old)
6. Earth's Best Organic Elmo Noodlemania chicken soup is delicious and comforting.
7. A pair of cozy slippers.
8. PJs of course!
9. A supply of Disney DVDs because we're a Disney Family :)

{Get Well Soon!}

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