Thursday, March 13, 2014

2nd Trimester Survival Tools

2nd Trimester Survival Tools

2nd Trimester Survival tools by work-it-mommy 

I finally have my functioning sweet tooth (teeth?) back and am finding much needed comfort in chocolate!

I have been in a baking/ baked goods frenzy for a few weeks now.  It all started innocently with a package of scone mix and has evolved into a weekly must.

I decided to try a wedge sleep positioner this time around to help with feeling like my knees were crushing together, and I found propping my growing belly on top of it is also comfortable.  Of course, half way through the night it ends up on the floor, but whatever.

I have a long torso and add in a baby bump is just asking for a peekaboo belly.  No one wants to see pregnant belly skin and I don't want to be showing it so these tanks are a great layering piece.

The dreaded heartburn has begun and just to switch it up from chalky rocks (ie- original TUMS) I tried the chewable ones.  Nice texture alternative but antacids are kinda just blah either way you go.  But they really do work!

Still lugging 2 of these water bottles around with me at all times.  Love me my water.

I am obsessed with lotioning up after a shower, this brand caught my attention with "extra emollient" and "non-scented".

Matty M are my favorite leggings; they hold their shape, are comfortable and they are a great price.  The best part is (in my opinion) they are non- maternity so I won't feel so dumpy after baby Girl #2 is born and I'm still bumming around in them.

First Trimester Survival Tools here.

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