Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Becoming a Stay At Home Mom Part 2

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I am very fortunate to have some amazing Stay At Home Mom friends that I was able to question "how they do what they do" so fabulously on a daily basis. Some of the information they gave me over-lapped and I consider those points to be of utmost importance when balancing life as a SAHM.  I sent out this SOS on Facebook a few months ago:

I am trying to prepare myself for making the jump from one to two babies and how to schedule my days at home with two, would you be able to give me any tips, routines, or general advice that works/worked for you? I know you're busy so whenever you have a moment I would greatly appreciate your input Thanks so much!
and these were the responses:  
{Plus a little background info on my relationship with each Mama}

I met my friend Kelly in 2008 working at Gap .  Our wedding anniversaries are one day apart so needless to say I will never be able to forget it.  She just had her third daughter and she has got her stuff together!  Our daughters are now friends in turn :)

I think the best thing u can remember, probably more so after baby #2, is just go with the flow. You have to be flexible especially when there's more than 1 otherwise it's just too stressful. Is Kinsey in any classes? I have Peyton & Scarlett in swimming & Peyton in dance... I need to find more... That's helped fill up time. Park dates, & walks... & I've gotten preschool/kindergarten books for Peyton Another thing, never beat yourself up if sometimes u just need to give her a movie day There isn't a more rewarding or exhausting job than being a stay at home mommy & we need a break too

Emily is the blogger behind Formerly Known as Emj and we've known each other before marriage and babies; our husbands were friends before we were and introduced us.  Ours has been a long- distance friendship, we have never lived in the same city together but when you find a kindred spirit, you just know.  She is now blessed with a daughter and a son.  This creative gal made her own Daily Schedule using Picmonkey(!!!) and was kind enough to send it my way:

Erika and I have a crazy intertwined relationship that spans a decade beginning in high school (we had the same Chemistry class together).  We worked for Gap at the same time, different locations and had a phone relationship, formerly met at Church and finally became solid friends taking ECE classes at our Community College.  She is crazy (there's that word again) talented, super funny and a Boy mom.  She blogs at Down the Aisle.  Erika wrote me out her Daily breakdown as follows:

I met Jessica through Brian's Aunt back in 2005.  They attended the same church and she and her husband were one of the first people we were introduced to when visiting (another long- distance friend).  The Johnson's have since started their own church and have added a third daughter to their brood.  I get to keep up with them through Jessica's blog A Million Things.  And just in case you were wondering, Brian's Aunt and her family now live in Arkansas (talk about long distance!)

Hi Whitney! I am terrible at responding to these!! So sorry I slacked. You know? It wasn't super terrible. It's all actually kind of a blur. Ha ha. So maybe it was? Kayla had already started preschool when Ashlyn was born so that helped. It was nice having a couple hours every other day with the baby. Even now, with both of the big girls in school - I get a ton of one on one time with Holland. That helps for general sanity. If preschool is not an option, maybe see if your Parks And Rec have any weekly classes? Painting, Music, etc? Mommy and Me Classes are great, too. And does your church have any activities for young moms/families? It helped me to keep busy and get out of the house as much as I could. Having 2 is awesome! I loved seeing their connection. Kinsey will love the baby, That is the best part. Hope you are feeling well and so excited for you guys!!

So, those are the pearls of wisdom and daily routines employed by some of my wonderful SAHM friends!  I hope their words inspire you as they did me :)

{Stay tuned for Part 3!}

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