Sunday, June 1, 2014

Post Surgery Recap

***So I'm a month behind with life- first we had a major debacle that included a call to 9-1-1, a downed power line (and a blown microwave and oven) and a switch in phone sercive that somehow messed up the internet connection.  Pheww!  I'm exhausted just thinking about all that went on here lol.  So to play catch- up:
Kinsey did ahhhmazing at her oral surgery and recovered nicely.

We arrived at the Surgeon's at 7am (bright and early!) and they checked her lungs for congestion/ fluid, since our first attempt at this procedure was a bust due to a chest cold Kinsey developed the night before (isn't that always the case?)

While waiting to administer the anesthetic, we got to watch The Smurfs and then without even flinching Kinsey was injected and within a minute fell asleep with her eyes open (what a trip that was).

She was carried into the operating room and we waited in the ante room for 30 minutes or so until they had finished extracting the 3 fused teeth. We were admitted into the operating room prior to Kinsey awaking (with a pinch to the ear, I never would have guessed).

Have you ever seen a YouTube video of children reacting to the after affects of anesthetics? They are pretty amusing. Watching my own child recover, not so much. It was sad seeing her in a "drunken" state with stitches in her mouth and bloody ooze. The first food she consumed was applesauce and that came back up, which is a common side affect. Not surprisingly, she didn't want to eat anymore and took a long nap.

She worked her way up to eating more substantial food; yogurt, scrambled eggs, Hawaiian soft roll, and by 6p was already beginning to get her spunk back.

I stayed home from work for 3 days just in case and by Friday, we both returned to school. Glad that it is finally over and done with!

Of course, now she's asking for her teeth back ;)

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