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Returning to Work: Pumping Essentials

Returning to Work: Pumping Essentials

Returning to Work: Pumping Essentials by work-it-mommy on Polyvore

I am fortunate enough to be able to stay home with Brielana through her first year of life, but after I had Kinsey, I was back to work after 2 months and pumping became my breast friend (har har).  Since I am a firm believer in breast is best, I thought I would share my favorite pumping essentials to continue successful feeding even after returning to work.  It really just breaks down to logistics and good products that are readily available.

1.  Medela Pump in Style Advanced breast Pump with backpack- I got my pump from Kinsey's pediatrician and I love this model.  It is efficient, has several levels of suction for comfort, and is easy to tote around.  All the components (chargers, ice pack and case, four bottles, membranes, and two nipple shields) are included (though I did purchase larger shields for comfort's sake.)  
**I found it easiest for me to express into the bottles and then transfer the milk into the milk bags.**
2. Lansinoh milk bags- I have used several brands of milk bags and would recommend you use the brand you like.  I found these to be priced the best but would love to try these out.
3. Sharpie-  First thing I do is write the date of expression onto the milk bags.  Always use the oldest date first when giving to your baby.  Milk will last a few days in the fridge and up to 6 months in the freezer.  Periodically go through and throw out milk past due.
**I keep all my supplies- Sharpie, milk bags, extra membranes in a Ziplock bag stashed within the backpack.**
4. Medela Quick Clean Breastpump and Accessory wipes- For quick clean up at work I rinse out and dry the pumping bottles and then wipe down all parts (nipple shields, membranes, bottles) with these wipes.  Its quick and easy and makes clean up a breeze.
**These fit perfectly in the front half zip compartment of the backpack.**
5. Medela 5 count Quick Clean Micro-Steam Sterilization bags- Once I get home I pop all my pumping parts into a bag (each bag can be used 20 times, making it well worth the money!) add water and microwave for 3 minutes.  That's it.  It steam sterilizes and you're good to go for tomorrows pumping sessions.
6. The Nursing Mother's Companion- This book was recommended by my Lactation Consultant and I love it; it is extremely easy to read, choke-full of information about nursing and the index contains a bunch of addendum's from vitamins/ supplements, and how-tos on curing mastitis,  unblocking clogged milk ducts and increasing milk supply .
7. Lilypadz- Instead of soaking up leaks these breast pads prevent the leaks altogether.  Each pair can last continuously up to 2 months.
8. Hooter Hider's Nursing Covers- Not only is this nursing cover adorable (check out those ruffles!), it has a longer length and a just-in-case pocket.
**There is a convenient side pocket on the backpack that fits a rolled up nursing cover perfectly.**
9. Bravada Designs Allure Nursing Bra- A good nursing bra is a MUST HAVE and Bravada bras are my favorite.  I like this design because it has underwire for extra support.  And it's pretty as far as nursing bras go ;)

Visit here for lactation supporting foods and drinks.

What are your favorite nursing products? If you have any questions or product recommendations, please feel free to share!

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