Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Daze

With a newborn our Family activities have been concentrated outdoors to minimize germ exposure and to keep from going stir crazy at home.
Baby wearing: my view of Brielana in the Moby
Our favorite things this summer included beach walks with Stella, picnics at The Grass, park play and family walks around the neighborhood.

Thankful for the sunshine but decidedly over the flea problem the warmer weather brings. We've had to do some hardcore de-bugging; flea baths for Stella, repeated wash cycles and a spray down with Vetkem Premise spray which we got from our Vet and has awesome reviews. Another product that was helpful- Dawn soap (the original blue one!) Brian used Dawn as flea shampoo and they literally jumped off the dog and drowned in the tub.

Officially, summer has transitioned into "fall" according to the school buses waiting at the curb twice a day and I'm a little baffled how that happened so fast?  But still waiting anxiously till it's boot wearing weather!

{Feeling so blessed Brielana has shared this summer with us.}

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