Thursday, July 10, 2014

Winter and Summer: Comparing my two pregnancies

Well folks, she's here! I just completed my second pregnancy and I felt it worthwhile to document and compare/contrast:

 Baby Girl #1
Kinsey @ 18 weeks

Kinsey- Conceived in May 2010, born in February 2011

Significance of pregnancy- I had just had my left tube and ovary removed due to an enlarged cyst in late January and was overcome with worry I wouldn't be able to get pregnant.
Morning sickness- all day nausea without throwing up lasted the whole first trimester like to the day I was four months pregnant and then I was myself once again!
Migraines- I had 2 during the first trimester which brought on the only 2 cases of vomiting.
Cravings- nothing odd, but I couldn't stomach chicken, or anything with a strong odor. I ate lots of dairy- yogurt and cheese (I don't drink milk) which helped quell the nausea, fruit, and PB&J sandwiches.
Sleep- I took naps after breakfast (when I had mornings off from work) and then napped after I got off from work in the evening. I slept well at night.
Pregnancy symptoms- besides the morning sickness, I had a brief case of sciatica, heartburn from mid- way til delivery, a couple of leg cramps that still scare me to this day. Varicose veins on my left leg. A negra linea. It was the easiest pregnancy and I enjoyed it thoroughly!
Peek-a-boo bump- I wasn't showing until 6 months.

Maternity clothes- I lived in Gap maternity bootcut jeans and was able to wear non- maternity tops the whole pregnancy, but did have a few favorite maternity tops in the mix.

Navel ring- out by month 6.

Weight gained- 37 pounds
EDD- February 14, 2011
Actual Due Date- February 4, 2011
Labor- exactly 12 hours from 8:32 pm til 8:26 am. I got to 4 cm and had to get an epidural!
Baby Stats- weighed 7.12 oz, 19.5" long
Family of 3

Baby Girl #2
Brielana @ 19 weeks 

Brielana- conceived in October 2013, born in July 2014

Significance of pregnancy- I had a miscarriage in August of 2013.
Morning sickness- like with Kinsey, I didn't throw up, but I felt nauseous up until the beginning of my fifth month.
Migraines- I had 5 but 2 were "small scale" and I was able to work through them (literally at work). They spanned the first and second trimesters.
Cravings- fruit, yogurt, cheese, steak, chocolate.
Sleep- I have been getting up 3+ times a night since conception and it really throws off my sleep. I wake up with sore hips. And I woke up with a crazy case of thigh chaffing during a heat wave last month. When I get lucky, I can nap with Kinsey about 4 times a week.
Pregnancy symptoms- besides morning sickness, round ligament pain, sciatica pain, backaches, feelings of heaviness, violent acid reflux, varicose and spider veins, leg/feet swelling. I have not gotten the negra linea yet and my face hasn't gotten as round as it did with Kinsey. This pregnancy hasn't been awful, just really long (including my miscarriage, I've been pregnant spanning exactly a year) and I'm just ready to hold my baby already!
Hello bump- totally popped at 4 months.

Maternity clothes- jumped right into them at 4 months and pretty much wore maternity tops exclusively.  Still enjoyed my Gap bootcut maternity jeans BUT the full panel for a summer time baby is NOT a good idea; I was hot, like, all the time.

Navel ring- out at month 6 (and already back in :)

Weight gained- 31 pounds
EDD- July 6, 2014
Actual Due Date- 4th of July 2014
Labor- 4 (!!!) hours, labor began at 4 am and she was born at 8:13 am, enjoyed an epidural.
Baby Stats- weighed 7.12 oz, 19" long
Family of 4

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