Monday, July 14, 2014

Bringing Home Baby: New Mom medicine cabinet

Bringing Home Baby: New Mom medicine cabinet

Bringing Home Baby: New Mom medicine cabinet by work-it-mommy on Polyvore

I can't believe it's been a whole week(!) since I've brought home Brielana and I am so glad I had these products on hand (I actually had them pre-purchased and ready at home days in advance) during my recuperation; which got me to thinking, maybe other's would benefit from this list of tried-and-true lifesavers for after-delivery:

Tucks pads- Great for soothing sensitive areas and also a  good wet wipe.
Dermoplast- helps relieve soreness and irritation.
Lavette bottle- not only are these great for personal use before wiping with toilet paper is comfortable, but they come in handy when bathing baby, too!
***My hospital actually provided the first 3 items so they are a MUST!***
Colace stool softeners- Per my nurse's discharge directions, you can take 1 twice a day (day and night) for a total of 200 mg's until things are 'regular' again.
Aleve- Recommended by my nurse to help manage pain and reduce swelling.  I'm not big on taking meds so this was the strongest pain reliever I needed to take, but if you're wary of  NSAIDS, Tylenol works too.
Tena pads- Never heard of Tena pads?  Maybe because they are for incontinence!  I like them because they are longer than traditional pads without being bulky.
Toilet Paper- I'm wayyyy picky when it comes to toilet paper, I can't deal with the extra soft that just falls apart when you need it the most.  I like 365 Brand because it holds up, its eco-friendly and a good price point.

Did I miss any must- haves?

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