Thursday, February 11, 2016

Outside Portraits {The Picture Perfect Project #2}

For the second installment of The Picture Perfect Project and I focused on taking outside portraits of the girls. Both Kinsey and Brielana are outdoorsy chicks and any excuse to get a breath of fresh air around here, they pounce on it. And I guess having a park right down the street doesn't hurt either ;)

I had to remember to adjust the ISO and the shutter speed when in sunlight otherwise I wound up with a bunch of over-exposed pictures that I couldn't save with editing. Even though I got a few very cool actions shots (think flying off the slide) they were just yuck and I was disappointed. Guess that's why practice makes perfect! Another thing I need to remember to do is focus; they are slightly blurry and I didn't notice on my tiny iPhone screen but once they were uploaded on my computer and magnified, I noticed it.

Settings AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/366
Settings AP 2.2 ISO 320 S 1/2052
Settings AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/1208

Settings AP 2.2 ISO 160 S 1/1953
This is my favorite picture of the girls this month! They aren't even looking directly at the camera but they look so sweet and little; a perfect reflection of how they are exactly at this moment in time.
Settings AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/62
Here's where focusing better would come in handy. It's o.k but the sharper image would have been better.
Settings AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/1053
And again with the focusing!

And there you have it: February is in the books!

Link up your Pictures below! Thanks for joining us!

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  1. What a fun day at the park! And I hate that when I don't get my focus right! Kids move so quickly but I like being able to control my focus do I don't want to switch over to complete auto focus. And I've forgotten to change my ISO before going outside and get so annoyed at the outcome!

  2. Such cute photos! It's hard to remember to adjust your settings based on the light when you're not used to doing that. When it snowed here a few weeks ago, the first few shots I took were basically just bright white photos. I was so bummed, because I would've had great shots of Mila. Definitely something to work on!

  3. Your girls are just precious! Such beauties! Love the pictures. I really need to get on board with this link up. I've been horrible.

  4. Again, GREAT photos given they were taken on a phone! I'm curious as to which app you like better and which you think does the most for your photos--Manual or Afterlight? Also, I see two Manual apps available (one by Little Pixels and one by KendiTech). I know you have the first one, but did you do any research before choosing that one? I mean, at $3 each, I could buy both, but I'm frugal like that when it comes to buying apps....

  5. Oh, I'm jealous of your weather! Such great pictures!

  6. Your girls are just beautiful! So jealous of your weather! It is 18 degrees here as I type this. Blah.

  7. So cute!!! I had the same problem over here, I am going to work on using manual mode instead of the auto everything! We'll get it!

  8. Ah I totally forgot about this link up! When will the next one be? There are so many linkups these days that I can't keep up lol. Keep practicing! Your photos are getting so good. I love that first one of the girls together. Their tops look perfectly coordinated!

  9. You snapped some sweet photos of the girls!! What app did you use for your editing? Was is after light?

  10. You did such a great job!!! I LOVE those photos of the girls!!!
    Girl you have to tell me how to use that manual app! AP, ISO, S? I don't even know what you're referring to! Haha! I need a teacher. Help!

  11. I love how close they look in these pictures. Looks like they have the sweetest sister relationship :)

  12. Man, I really need to work on learning how to use my camera! You are totally inspiring me!!

  13. They are just so sweet. I love the finger sucking photo and I am always a sucker for sister shots ;).

  14. Oh friend, they are just precious! You are rockin' this photo project.

  15. practice does make perfect, just keep working on it! I love the pictures you are getting!


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