Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Best Week Ever Pt 2 {Aquarium + Ear Piercing}

I was so excited Thursday morning to start celebrating Kinsey's 5th birthday that I performed a cardinal sin and woke up my sleeping baby; once the clock passed 8:26AM (her official birthday time) and she still wasn't awake, we sped things up a bit.
She forgave me when she saw what we were having for breakfast: funfetti cake waffles! (I absolutely adore my waffle maker!!!) And this little face.
The big event for the 5 year old's birthday was to visit the Aquarium. Our love for the Aquarium runs d-e-e-p. And I'm so biased because ours is pretty much the best. I can spend hours roaming around, taking the same pictures of the same fish, but its always magical. Because Brian was with us, we didn't do as much roaming but we did get to see everything and it was the least busy I've seen it in awhile, so that was great.
We ended up craving seafood (how horrible-and ironic- is that?!) so we decided to eat lunch at Bubba Gumps and opted to sit outside to enjoy the lovely weather. We devoured some calamari appetizers and Kinsey tried a new dish (popcorn shrimp) and really liked it! I was shocked, maybe her taste buds are growing up too? We were also plagued by pigeon pests and Brian had the brilliant idea to feed one from his hand. I shudder to think of all the germs... And then we were on to our next destination,
Claire's for some ear piercing action! This itty bitty has been talking about getting her ears pierced for awhile now and I was honest with her that it would hurt so she has postponed the event until now.  She picked out Amethyst earrings which also happen to be her birthstone (that which I did not know) and she sat in the chair doing deep breathing techniques. The big moment arrived and she teared up, blinked and was composed. It was very impressive. Afterward she told everyone "I didn't even cry!" and still shows off her earrings to any and everyone. ***Fun fact- I got my ears pierced at this same Mall but the Claire's has since undergone a move and a remodel, 25 years later!***
The evolution of ear piercing- before, during and after.
We ended the night celebrating by eating cake with my mom, brother, and grandparents. It was chocolate, per Kinsey's request.
It was such a fun day and Kinsey had the best time. And that's what this day (and week) was all about!

You can read Part 1 here.

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  1. Best birthday ever!! Waffles, aquarium, seafood, and ear piercing...coolest parents! :) I'm so glad she had such a great day.

  2. Awww, so sweet! So the funfetti waffles, how do you do that? Such a great day for the little!

  3. Sounds like the most perfect 5th birthday ever! Kinsey handled the ear piercing like a champ - wow! Way to go, Kinsey!

  4. SO. MUCH. FUN!! Seriously, that may be the best birthday day, ever. (Can I also just say I'm SO jealous you had to wake your child up.)
    Your aquarium looks fantastic! And, ear piercing? Kinsey had to have been in heaven!

  5. Haha that is too funny you craved seafood after the aquarium! And I can't wait for Noah to sleep past 8:30... Or even 7 am at this point! Happy birthday Kinsey!!!

  6. Aww, it looks like a really good time was had by all. I hope she had the best birthday. How cool is she with pierced ears?! Cute pictures friend!

  7. Best birthday ever!!! LOVE the Monterey aquarium, LOVE Bubba Gumps (and popcorn shrimp!) and love that she got her ears pierced! Such a big girl!! Oh and LOVE that she slept until 8:30 and you had to wake her! Mason slept late the other day and I freaked out because thats so not normal for him lol

  8. Aaahhh this post is just the sweetest. Can you plan a day for celebrating E's 5th for me. You totally rocked the birthday celebrating mom and Emily's day will probably be lame in comparison, lol.

  9. I'm so impressed that she didn't cry during the ear piercing!! I got mine done when I was 17 and it definitely stung for a bit. What a great birthday present!

  10. What a special day! I remember when I got my ears pierced. It's such a fun milestone, it always makes me sad when people pierce baby's ears... For many reasons, but mostly they miss out on the experience!

  11. haha you woke her up that is so cute of you mama =) I'd be all up in my bed. But Aria was born at night soooo I guess that is why!
    Good breakfast choice, FUN aquarium, and ears pierced whoa big time. She is so cute. That's fun that she picked and was so brave.

  12. LOL at the irony of craving seafood after the aquarium! Popcorn shrimp sounds good to me right about now too. Super impressed with how brave Kinsey was. Sounds like the perfect day to celebrate such a sweet 5 year old :)


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