Friday, January 13, 2017

Tiny Letters // January

Can I say how excited I am to participate in Kristin's Little Letters link up today?! We all know how much I adore her (hello, best blog designer ever) and these mini letters to anyone/anything are just too fun. So let's get going... 

Dear Kinsey,
You've been in such a hurry to turn six and it's caused such grief, "why am I the last one to have a birthday?!" And, "I'm never going to turn 6!" Sadly, every day you are older and rushing through childhood is breaking mama's heart. Stay young and carefree as long as you can! Because before you know it you'll be sixteen and though you act like a teen now there is no going back.
Dear Brielana,
Why are you growing up so fast? How have you been with us for 2.5 years and I still feel like I have so much to learn about you? Keep your sweet and sensitive soul forever, people will try to make you feel like that's a negative trait but they are wrong; compassion for others and kindness will always be important.
Dear Work Commute,
It's not me, its you. An hour round trip out of my day is not what it used to be; I once relished that time to think and plan and listen to audio books, now I'm cursing the time spent away from my family. And don't get me started on other drivers- everyone has somewhere to be, stop being jerks. Which leads me to my next letter...

Dear Morning drivers,
Why are you driving crazy? It's too early for this crap. I am the first to admit I'm a "grandma driver" but doing 75 in a 65 zone is not going slow. 

Dear "Butterscotch",
You, dear pony, are the highlight of my commute. I don't know your real name but your coat is the color of Butterscotch and I have an affinity for naming things. Please live forever.

Dear Chevy Blazer,
I hate you. I've actually gotten to the point of hating you and that is so low. But you're costing more than you're worth and it's bumming me out. We've had 3 good years together and 2 not so good, lets part ways as amicably as possible. Thank you.

Dear Netflix,
Thank you for announcing Season 3 of Fuller House. It is an asinine show but I love it. Nostalgia is a winner. And Candace Cameron Bure is awesome.

Dear GAP,
I know I have $50 in GAPcash thank you for all the reminders but I'm not biting until you give me some better sales than 20% off. Says the lady who opened her email and found a 40% off sale...

Dear January,
You sure are a rainy month. That is in no way a complaint. I love the sound of the rain and seeing green earth is so refreshing! Perhaps it's now time to seriously consider buying rain boots? Oh, and a rain coat.

I'm having way too much fun looking at responses. Thank you friends, for taking the time to fill it out, it really means the world to me. I'll leave it open another week or so and report back my "findings" :)

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  1. Thanks for reminding me to take the survey! It wasn't working on my phone and I keep meaning to take it on my laptop! And yes, I think it's time you get some super cute rainboots and raincoat!

  2. I used to participate in a link up like this years ago. So fun! Fuller House, I just can't quit it!

  3. I used to do friday letters years ago and loved it. I'm so glad someone else is doing this. I will definitely be participating next month. I love Fuller House even though it's cheesy. Ha ha! I want to see "butterscotch" now!

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  5. This is such a fun link-up and already one of my favorites. I had so much fun writing this post! I can so relate! Mason asks on the daily how many months until he turns 7. He’s one of the younger ones in First grade since his birthday falls in late May. Once they reach our age they will be begging for birthdays to slow down. Oh to be a kid again! Such sweet letters to your girls. You’re a good mama! Yes to Fuller House! We watched Season 2 in ONE day! Ha.

  6. Yay!! Thanks so much for linking up this week -- I'm looking forward to a year full of letters. xo

  7. OMG, I love this so so much! I totally need to link up sometime. Love you dear butterscotch.

  8. This is such a fun link up!! I've loved each and every post from it thus far!
    Marcus keeps talking about turning 5 - most of his friends have already had birthdays - and I just want to tell him to stay little forever. (cue the sobbing)
    Can someone please explain to me WHY California drivers are so bad?! Seriously, they're THE worst.
    Butterscotch... he needs a photo cameo on the blog one of these days.
    I 100% say get a pair of Hunters! They have been my go-to's all week long!

  9. I hope this doesn't change things between us but... I can't stand Candace Cameron Bure. She seems so fake. Which leaves me never watching Fuller House.

  10. Oh man the pony one was my absolute favorite! Can't believe our girls are going to be 6 soon?! What the heck man!

  11. This is such a cute idea! Love it! I miss having a commute sometimes, but being able to jump home quick sure has its perks too.

  12. What a fun link up! This kind of reminds me of my confessions posts (in all of them except for Kinsey and Brielana of course!). I might have to look into this! Which also brings me to... I LOVE the letters to the girls! They are going to love looking back on these one day!

  13. I love this link up!! I can't wait for next month. :)


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