Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Advice for a first time BOY mom

I still have "pinch me" moments about having a baby boy, it makes me plain giddy! But what do I know about baby boys? Not a whole lot! So I turned to my favorite boy moms and asked what to expect:
Advice for a first time BOY mom

Stephanie of WifeMommyMe "Be prepared for chaos the moment he gains the full use of his legs. I've never seen someone destroy a room as quickly as a toddling 12 month old."

Laureen of Chateau Deveau "Pee, everywhere!! We kept some of the small/cheap baby washcloths close by and would cover him up when changing and that would at least soak some up. Also definitely use one of those washable changing pad liners for the first few weeks. There's lots of rough and toughness, as well as sweet and gentleness. Boys are so fun!!" 

Crystal of Hall Around Texas "Oh goodness! How long of a post are you wanting?! Lol! Boys are so much fun. Also, so unpredictable. He will steal your heart the moment you lock eyes. Boys and their mamas have such an amazing and explainable bond. Be ready for lots of potty talk and also about their boy bits! And they do not get complete control of their boy bits when peeing for years! Mason pee'd up the wall once. Oh I could go on for days."

Elizabeth from Chasin' Mason "Ok, ok. I'll tell you ;) Honestly most people have said it already but you will fall in love instantly. I'm sure this is the same for your daughters but since I only have one kid, I can only speak to a son. The mother/son bond is so special and so wonderful. Also, boy things are so fun! I'm obsessed with all things trains, cars, baseball, you name it. Being a girl myself (lol), it's so fun to experience all the boy things! Also, shopping for boys is just as fun as girls."
Desiree from Macke Monologues "Never, in my life did I think the words, "Buddy, your penis is NOT a periscope!" Would pass through my lips. But, I've totally said that."

Amy from keepin' Up with the Smith's "Also, just the bond between a mother & son is so special. You are truly their first love. You will be the guide (along with their daddy) as to how to treat girls / women. Our job & role in raising sons, who will eventually become men, is so important. 

But the potty word. Why oh why?" 

Ashley of I Love You More Than Carrots "Always point it down before you close the diaper  haha (I don't know any differently but boys are the bomb. They love their mamas something fierce). 

I'm so glad Amy touched on this because I actually went to bed thinking about this thread and how we're all so quick to say something about pee and penises as if that's what defines our boys, I even had an eye-roll moment at my own previous answer. 

Boys are as sweet as they are strong. They will watch you and want to mirror you every day. They'll ask to have their nails painted, they'll wear your shoes around the house. Little boys want to be just like their mamas when they grow up. It's both beautiful and bittersweet. Knowing it's your job to raise them to love someone else more than you one day."

Tawnya from All of Life's Little Adventures " I don't have any advice because I didn't notice much of a difference between my girl and boy but boys are so special! Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you!!"

Courtney from Sweet Turtle Soup "I'm with Tawnya. So far baby Lincoln and baby Aria have been the same except Lincoln figured out how to grab his little bit before his feet."

Sarah from Seeing All Sides "My biggest surprise: shopping for boys (and dressing them) is way more fun than I ever expected it to be! And there are plenty of boy clothes that don't involve planes, trains, and dinosaurs, thank goodness! I wanted a girl more than anything in this world, yet three boys later and I am content beyond words.  

But yes, the potty talk. Poop and butt cracks and toots and nuts...yes nuts!! A few months ago, Brantley told Craig he was going to "crush his nuts" while playing a game with him. Seriously where do they learn this stuff and how is it naturally instilled in them?!"

Jess from Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom "The amount of times I've said "buddy your penis isn't a toy" is higher than I ever expected. The serious love between mom and boy is amazing! Cam loves his daddy but if he's sad or hurt he only wants mommy and I'm okay with that. Be ready for superheroes, trucks, and lots noise."

Thanks friends for the love and support! Apparently we're in for a whole lotta potty talk ;) Here's to being that much closer to meeting our little guy!

Advice for a first time BOY mom

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  1. LOVE this! I still can't really believe we'll be welcoming a boy this summer but I'm so stinking excited! Yay for first-time boy moms! ;)

  2. These crack me up. SO many truths!

  3. Bahahaha I love this!!!! And I'm so excited for you and baby BOY!!

  4. Love this!! I've heard that the the love between a mother and her son is like no other. I'm excited to begin a similar journey in just a few short weeks.

    1. That mother-son bond is what Im looking forward to most! Congratulations! You'll have to give me notes from the trenches ;)

  5. Ha ha! So now everyone knows I have to tell my child to stop holding his penis. ;) At least it's real. You'll learn this. Boys are so much fun. Cam is my sweet boy and I couldn't love him more.

  6. These cracked me up! Except for the bit about raising them to love someone else more than you someday. That made me cry. Bittersweet for sure, but that sums up a lot of parenthood.

  7. All of these are SO TRUE!! SO excited for you to join the boy mom club :)

  8. Love love love this! I'm so excited for you to experience the bond between a boy and his mama!!

  9. Awww, so sweet! some of these are so true for me, others not so much. But there is just something about a mother and son bond that isn't like anything else. That part about them loving someone else someday, made my heart break just a little bit...

  10. I'm so excited for you to get to experience the boy mom life! I think so many gender stereotypes exist, but each kid is so different. It will be fun to see your little boy's personality grow & shine!

  11. SO excited for that little boy to enter this world!
    The penis and pee talk is legit. BUT. The relationship I have with Marcus is indescribable. He loves to play with his daddy, and do all those boy things, but at the end of the day he always asks for his mommy.

  12. I'm so happy for you! Little boys are so much fun. I love all the advice that you got!

  13. Love all of this advice! Boys just love their will have so much fun with him!


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