Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Summer 10X10 Capsule // Final Week 2

Well, I'm a lil embarrassed to say this post is a few days late! But sometimes the sunshine calls and a family adventure awaits, so things don't get published ;)  So how did I do on this 10X10 challenge? Not that great. And I'm not afraid to admit it! Being pregnant comes with it's own special circumstances and this mama didn't account for growth, haha. Let's get to the outfits and then a breakdown of my shortcomings, er, roundcomings? Affiliate links used. A small commission may be received if you purchase an item through my links. Thank you for supporting my blog! 

Look Six:
I picked my items just to wear this combo! And I love it!
Graphic tee + pregnancy maxi + Converse
Look Seven:
I've worn this outfit over the course of my pregnancy and it is comfy and cute (if I do say so myself.)
Kimono + maternity tank + ponte pants + Converse
Look Eight:
Blame this on being lazy but I just couldn't muster a picture. Another favorite combo.
Chambray top + maternity dress + Converse
Look Nine:
An outfit that didn't match the weather. It was forecasted to be 64 and overcast, it was 70 without a cloud in the sky and I was sweating. We also had a park playdate so I got sunburned, whomp whomp. And I literally feel like I have to hold up this bump at 34 weeks.
Chambray top + black tank + ponte pants + Converse
Look Ten:
And here's where I messed up because the outfit I was planning on wearing, didn't fit anymore, sigh. My graphic tee just won't fit over the baby bump and no amount of creative layering was going to save that look.

I will most definitely do this challenge next season! I love finding new ways to mix and match my closet and since I'll be postpartum it'll be a whole new game. 

If I was to repick my items for this challenge I would have swapped out my graphic tee for my black and white striped tee but the top over dress wouldn't have been an option and that was my favorite look!

Only having one pair of shoes to work with was easy when getting dressed but I most definitely missed having options. Plus, Converse just aren't the most comfortable on my feet. And how do you keep them clean?! Seriously, let me know your secret!

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  1. As usual you look amazing! Your bump is the cutest!! Your style is perfection and I would wear any of them.

  2. You and that bump, adorable. I still say you can call it a win. I mean you maybe "messed up" but it was on the note of a technicality.

  3. You look so cute love your bump

  4. You have to say yes to adventures. Always! Love all of the looks pretty mama! Especially the graphic tee & maxi and the kimono & converse! I need to challenge myself like this.

  5. I just bought my first pair of Chuck's from the Nordstrom sale. Between the coupon I had and the sale prices, I got them so cheap! I can't wait to wear them.

  6. You are to cute lady. In the home stretch...sort of!

  7. Love your style!! The fact that you're wearing pants while pregnant gets all the kudos from me because aside from yoga pants it's was strictly maxi dresses my last trimester.


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