Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Month 8 Bumpdate {Baby Boy}

How far along: THIRD Trimester :: Weeks 31-35
Size of baby: A pineapple at week 33
Weight gain: 167 pounds // 28 pounds gained.
Maternity clothes: I'm basically wearing the same 15 pieces over and over. I ripped a seam in my panel on my maternity jeans and that really made me mad; besides having to sew it myself (which is laughable in itself) quality of clothes has just gone down over the years. Shame on you, manufacturers.
Movement: This little guy's inutero personality is pretty funny. I get mild bumps and kicks throughout the day but come night time he is all party, all the time. Not sure if I should be concerned about this yet...
Sleep: Minus the bathroom trips and occasional re-bedding of a certain little girl, my sleep hasn't suffered too much this month. I have noticed that my hips are starting to hurt due to side-sleeping and the vivid bizarre dreams have started up again.  
What I miss: Lately I really just want to flop down onto my stomach and take a nap, or play with the girls or even just lay there staring at my phone. And also being able to see my legs/feet (though I know they are not in good shape lol) at any given moment.
Cravings: I've had some all-over-the-place cravings! Cucumber slices with cream cheese and TJ's Everything but the Bagel sesame seed seasoning. Trail Mix with chocolate and dried cherries. FRUIT! Any and all. But the worse craving is for coffee. Say what?! I hardly ever drink coffee in real life, so this just seems bizarre to me. Thank goodness for decafe. Has that ever really been stated before?!
Symptoms: Strangely, I've noticed my thumbnails are super dry and striated but I've been assured it's normal. Heartburn flare ups but not nearly as bad as my pregnancy with Brielana so I feel like I can't even complain. My face has rounded out. And I have thee faintest linea negro line which I've been wondering if it was going to show up or not and finally made an appearance. A general feeling of being over pregnancy and just wanting to hold our son already! 
Highlight of the Month: I set up the bassinet next to our bed and hand-washed all the bedding and it's gotten us one step closer to baby!
I'm 99% sure we have a name! More details to come ;)
Scoring a Graco travle system during Prime Day for only $102 big ones. I was searching all day (starting at 6:30a!) and had two options that were similar models and the one we finally had in the cart ended without our knowing. I almost shat myself. I don't think I ever felt so sick in my life. But miracles of miracles the other deal still stuck and we got our travel system! I'm not cut out for timed deals I always get too upset and emotionally involved, haha.
Month 8 Bumpdate {Baby Boy}
Week 32
Month 8 Bumpdate {Baby Boy}
Week 33

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  1. You look so cute!!!! And so close!

  2. yay for 33 weeks, you're almost there! Can't wait to hear the name!

  3. Oh friend I can't believe you are this close now. He is going to be here soon!!!

  4. Girl, you are absolutely adorable! You are so close to holding that sweet boy!! I can't wait to hear that he's here.

  5. Holy moly! Month 8 already?!
    Also... A name! A name!!! I'm so excited to hear!

  6. Oh I love it! Mason used to have parties in my belly at nighttime as well. And he’d wake me up with hiccups around 3:00 am almost every morning. I was sure he was preparing me for what was to come. Yay for getting the bassinet ready! It’s getting so real, friend. And oh so close. You are precious!

  7. Umm what?? I feel like I blinked and baby boy's practically here! You are so, so ready. Bed + bedding is pretty much everything. I can't wait to hear his name :)


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