Thursday, August 10, 2017

First week of First Grade // Back to School 2017

My heart, how is Kinsey in first grade?! I swear just yesterday I was taking her to my work to start Preschool. Time is a funny thing.

Kinsey started school ridiculously early, like, the second day of August early and that is why it has been quiet on the blog this week; making that mind shift and getting everything prepared for a smooth transition takes some work.First week of First Grade  // Back to School 2017
I actually have been enjoying getting up at 6:20a every morning (ten minutes earlier than when I was working!) because it affords me ample time to get us all ready and out the door without feeling rushed. And since I get to put Brielana down for her noon nap, I also get to take some zzzz's, if need be!

Kinsey has rocked her first week of school. She came home on Friday with Student of the Week! It may have been a short week, but girlfriend owned it. She is in a smaller sized class (such a blessing) with a few of the same friends as last year and it is her teacher's first year teaching! Gotta love that fresh-faced enthusiasm. My favorite part is she didn't go overboard with the class supply list (you know what I'm talking about ;)

I also wanted to take a minute to sing some praises about using essentail oils to fight the onslaught of school germs. True story (thanks Facebook for reminding me) but this time last year, Kinsey was already sick. A full week of school and her poor immune system was overloaded. Well, this year I wanted to be proactive and it has been working!First week of First Grade  // Back to School 2017
I recently discovered Plant Therapy from listening to an old The Healthy Moms podcast (thanks to Laura for turning me onto Katie!) and really love their KidSafe line of oils. I got the KidSafe Wellness Trio and started diffusing Immune Boom about two weeks ago. I also mixed up some coconut oil with it and have been rubbing it to the tops of both girls feet before bedtime. I know I enjoy the nightly ritual, so I'm hoping its just as relaxing for the girls. Once we get into the flu season I know I'll be able to rely on Sniffle Stopper (rubbed onto the chest as a decongestant) and Germ Destroyer.

So here we are back in the swing of things. Everything lableled with Kinsey's name. New structure and routines. A new school year!
First week of First Grade  // Back to School 2017
When does your kiddo go back to school? Are you feeling prepared?! I know a handful of mamas who are sending off their babes to Kindergarten, let the emotions flow and don't feel awkward if you cry; we're all dying a little inside every first day of school.

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  1. I would love for Connor's Kindergarten teacher to be a first year teachers. I just image the fun and energy level to be off the charts awesome.

  2. She is so cute!! I can't believe she's in kinder already.

  3. She did start early! But, I bet she will get out a lot earlier than us. Way to go Kinsey! Already Student of the week. She’s so awesome, so I am not surprised. I’m going to have to remember to lather Mason with oils before school starts. Thanks for that tip! I love that those are “kid safe” and already diluted.

  4. We still have another 4 weeks, so I'm nowhere near ready...but the kids kind are.

  5. First year teachers are THE BEST! One of my favorite teachers ever was a first year one. Hooray for school. She looks so grown up and pretty here!

  6. I just cannot get behind a 6:20 am wake up time, ha! And so glad you are loving that podcast as much as I do!

  7. My goodness did she start early. Love the photos. She looks so grown up. I'm so glad she's enjoying school and has a fun teacher. Makes all the difference. :)

  8. My oldest is only three, but you're the third mom in the past few days who has mentioned "time" and how fast it all goes by. I just made the transition from working mom to stay-at-home, so some days have felt particularly long. I've actually appreciated the "it goes fast" comments. It's helped me to better take in the day-to-day. Good luck to your Kinsey on her school year!

    1. Bless you!! This is my second transition to SAHM Life and it takes awhile to adjust so don't give yourself grief! These early years of childrearing are all consuming but they really are fleeting :)

  9. Way to go Kinsey on student of the week!! This school year sounds like it's already off to an amazing start.

  10. Well I need to check out that immune boom! I hate the germs school brings!

  11. My kindergarten teacher was a first year teacher and she retired the year I graduated high school. I went to the same private school from kinder to 12th. So she had a little something for all her kids from that first year that graduated. She was the sweetest. is =)


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