Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Clark + DockATot // a review

I am not blessed with great sleepers. I don't know if its because I ADORE sleep and pretty much need 8+ hours of it to function (to which my kids says, “ha”). So when the rave reviews for the DocATot started flying all over the interwebs, I was intrigued. And naturally HAD to HAVE it. Thanks to DockATot for providing a sleep lounger for Clark to use. All opinions are mine alone.
Clark + DockATot // a review
swaddling blanket
I’m not sure it’s improved Clark’s sleeping, he is definitely following in his sisters footsteps er, sleep print, but it IS very handy as an extra set of “arms”.

I’ve used the DockATot as a safe holding spot when:
• filling up his bathtub and when drying him off afterwards.
• having him within arms length and sight when spending some time with his sisters.
• and the occasional nap.
**I'm looking forward to using the DockATot as a tummy time prop too!
Clark + DockATot // a review
Maybe he’ll surprise us all and take to sleeping longer stretches but for now I’ll take all the newborn snuggles I can get!

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  1. Oh sweet boy! I wish they had Dock a Tot when Mason was little. I always see people share about them and how wonderful they are.

  2. I really wish this was around when Mason was a baby! I know we would have used this!! These are precious pictures my friend.


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