Friday, October 20, 2017

Preschool STEM opportunities with Snapology

Raise your hand if you've encountered the term STEM. It is the acronym that stands for: 


Chances are if you have a child in school than you already know what I'm talking about. 
As a Preschool teacher and mom to a three year old, I am constantly aware of the activities I share and make sure to include aspects of STEM learning whenever possible.
Preschool STEM opportunities with Snapology
But why is STEM important? As explained here it is the foundation for a well rounded education and supports organic learning while making it fun!

And this is where Snapology comes in! It provides a place to go to engage in STEM learning and caters to ages 1 to 18! By incorporating the use of fun building blocks (think LEGO!) and being hands-on, it helps set the stage for life long learners.
Preschool STEM opportunities with Snapology
"Snapology provides interactive, STEM / STEAM programs for children featuring technology and popular building toys such as LEGO® bricks and K’Nex®. Kids have so much fun in our programs, that they don’t realize just how much they are learning."

Snapology is a budding new program and unfortunately there are no locations close to us but there are franchise opportunities available, any takers? :)

This blog has a great roundup of STEM activities for toddlers and preschoolers. For more information about STEM visit here. 
Preschool STEM opportunities with Snapology
This post is a partnership with Nakturnal.
Preschool STEM opportunities with Snapology

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  1. This place looks awesome! I just checked out their locations and there's one a little under an hour for me! For my three STEM-obsessed little builders, they would love this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Snapology is so fun. And even better that they come to you if you'd like!


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