Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Growing up Clark // six month edit

Half a year has never gone by so fast!
Growing up Clark // six month edit on Work it Mommy blog
Weight | 17.9 pounds 51th%
Height | 27.6 inches 87th%

On the verge of up-sizing diapers. Again. He will be in a size 3. The last size Brielana wore when she stopped wearing diapers. Let that sink in. My 6 month old is wearing the size my 3 year old last wore. 😂

Beginning BabyLedWeaning and I am so excited! He tracks foods and will reach out for it and has so far tried scrambled eggs, banana, chicken, cooked carrots and celery, green beans, sweet potato, waffle (no syrup!) raspberries, blueberries, rice and shredded pork.
Growing up Clark // six month edit on Work it Mommy blog
Wary AF of people in sun/glasses. Even me. He gets a very concerned look and is on the verge of tears. Its actually pretty funny since he’s around people who wear them constantly. 

Getting some knee chub and I am in love. Chubby knees are my favorite.
Growing up Clark // six month edit on Work it Mommy blog
Still complaining of teething pain without actually having a tooth yet. (Our Pediatrician says there are two bottom teeth on the verge of erupting) Any suggestions? The teething tabs we used are now off the market. I’m not sure about amber necklaces. Hellllp!

Still loving his big sisters. The adoration in all their eyes is my whole world.
Growing up Clark // six month edit on Work it Mommy blog
Clapping when happy and it is thee cutest. I will add he also claps when eating haha.

This guy's "sit-er" is broken. I made that joke at Clark's Well Baby visit last Friday when I was explaining that he will not sit up, he immediately pushes up from his feet so he can be in a standing position and sure enough, he did it for her too! Thankfully she says its not that he is behind developmentally he just really wants to stand. So for now he's working on doing chin ups and when on his belly, pulling his knees under his bum.
Growing up Clark // six month edit on Work it Mommy blog

Nuby Teething Mitten- this thing looks ridiculous but Clark loves it!
Baby-Led Weaning book- such a great resource!
Bumbo and tray- we start off in this portable chair before moving up to the high chair.
Gripe Water- with the introduction of solids comes digestion issues (tummy troubles) this stuff helps ease gas and some mild teething pains!
Saline drops- keeping nasal passages hydrated to avoid stuffy nose and flaky boogers.

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  1. Lol! That last pic of him lifting his head 😂😂 silly boy.

  2. His sitter is broken! Hahah! He's growing so well!

  3. I can't believe he's 6 months old! Time really does fly by!


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