Monday, June 11, 2018

Growing up Clark // nine month edit

I had my first shell-shock experience of fumbling for Clark’s age when asked recently. 9 months is so old and it happened entirely too fast. 
Growing up Clark // nine month edit
Weight: 20 pounds, guesstimate
Height: 29.5 inches, guesstimate

We go to Clark’s 9 month appountment next week so these stats will be updated.
Growing up Clark // nine month edit
Bless my soul the poor babe cut not 1, not 2, not 3 but f-o-u-r teeth this month. No wonder no sleep was had around here. I feel like not much can surprise me as a mom of three but I truly didn't see this one coming.

Pulling up and standing are old hat now but it sure puts a huge smile of pride upon Clark’s face. He’s also been doing a lot of downward dog which is entertaining to watch.
Growing up Clark // nine month edit
The most marked growth this month has been feet. Clark is wearing size 3 shoes (which for reference, Brielana wore that size upwards of a year while walking.)

I feel the first hair cut is looming. A thatch of bang hair is starting to get a little too unruly for my liking. 
Growing up Clark // nine month edit

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  1. He can't be 9 months already!!! Time is flying. He is such a cute little guy!


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