Friday, June 1, 2018

Farewell, First Grade

Farewell, First Grade
Kinsey has her last day of First Grade tomorrow and it feels like just yesterday I posted about her first week

Kinsey rocked her year! I may be biased but that is not an exaggeration. When you come home with a Student of the Week certificate your first week, it's bound to set the tone for the whole year.
Farewell, First Grade
Her reading has continued to improve (she actually enjoys it now! Thank Heavens) Her spelling and vocabulary are excellent. But her math skills? Freaking genius.  She has continually tested above average in the statewide CPAPs.

She made new friends and had a good bunch rollover from Kinder. She adored her teacher (and so did I) and even though I didn't get to help in the classroom as much as I would have liked (it was a baby year, after all) I know she blossomed and thrived. 
Farewell, First Grade
Let's not even get into how much she's grown up (sob)

Cheers to First Grade! Onward & upward! 

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  1. Aw! So great to hear that it was a wonderful year! Isn't is magical to see your kid learn how to read?


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