Monday, July 9, 2018

Growing up Clark // ten month edit

Just look at this man-child!!! If I'm not kissing on him, I'm ever-so-gently pinching his cheeks or petting his hair. I'm in awe of his very being every day and feel so blessed that he is mine. Only two more months until he is one year old. Just staahpp already.

Growing up Clark // ten month edit
The biggest development this month has been speech. I say that loosely as he only says "mom-mom" and "da-da" BUT it is clearly said in context because he makes eye contact and is usually crawling his way towards us. His lil voice is the best.
Growing up Clark // ten month edit
The kid wants to walk and stand up independently already. Serious cruising along couches has been occuring. We all feel like he is going to surprise us one day and just get up and g-o. It'll be interesting to see if he follows both sisters by walking at eleven months (I'll keep you posted ;)
Growing up Clark // ten month edit
Sleeping. Or lack thereof. We're working on sleeping through the night. I've heard it can be done. I'm not so sure I'm convinced considering none of my babies has done it. I'm also not comfortable with crying-it-out so if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears! (eyes? haha)
Growing up Clark // ten month edit
The telltale signs of teething have showed up again. I wonder if he'll cut another 6 teeth all at the same time. *Spare me*

Clark, what do you have in store for us this month?
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