Monday, July 30, 2018

My first thredUP Goody Box

My first thredUP Goody Box
A couple of weeks ago I got an email from thredUP about a new Goody Box initiative they were implementing. The premise is easy, fill out a quick questionnaire and receive 8-10 pieces of clothing sent directly to your door. You get a week to try on and decide and what you don't want send back with a prepaid label. Intriguing, right?

Yup! I instantly signed up because 1) it was half off ($10 dollars vs $20) and 2) I like surprises. If you want to get a $10 credit to apply towards your own Goody Box use my referral code here! The cost of the box goes directly to your purchased item(s) total, bringing your charge down (I love that).

My box arrived Thursday night and I got down to business. I tried on ten items- a mix of tops, dresses, a skirt and three jeans. I had specified maxi lengths, stripes and blush tones.
My first thredUP Goody Box
The first item was a black skirt but I ruled it out due to the material and it was a size too small.

The tops were pretty but one was cut too low and didn't lend itself to layering well, another was a striped tunic but the side slits came up too high and the last was a cute burgundy LuLaRoe tee that I didn't feel warranted an $18 price tag.
My first thredUP Goody Box
The dresses ended up being too short for my liking but I held high hopes for the jeans. One pair of skinny Rock & Republic dark wash jeans, a peachy cropped Pilcro and the letterpress (a new to me boutique brand) and another Pilcro boot cut jeans. The R&R jeans were too long, the peach cropped jeans were too tight but the Pilcro boot cut jeans were JUST RIGHT. I instantly feel in love with them (my search for the perfect bootcut has been going on way too long.)
My first thredUP Goody Box
So, out of ten items I only kept one but for how much I love the one, the whole service was worth it! I never heard of Pilcro before so the introduction alone makes me happy.
Plus you really can't go wrong with the price, originally $178 down to $30.99! And I basically get them for free since I have credit. Happy day indeed!
My first thredUP Goody Box
My tips to getting the most out of your Goody Box:

  • Be very specific. The more information about cut, color, fit, style you share, the better matched items you will receive.
  • Link a Pinterest Board so your stylist can visually see a representation of your aesthetic. I linked my Virtual Closet Board which contains images of outfits I love and would wear.

  • If you are Brand loyal, include them by name! This is where I went off script but then I may not have been introduced to a new Brand (Pilcro) so do with it what you will. I will be asking for specific brands next time!
  • In the end this is a fantastic way to upcycle, save landfills, stretch your dollar and explore your personal style; what's not to love?

I hope you give thredUP’s Goody Box a try! And then come back and tell me all about your experience ;) 
My first thredUP Goody Box

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  1. You got some super cute things! I'm going to give it a try!

    1. Yay Becky!! I hope you share what you get, you always style your clothes so beautifully!

  2. That sounds fun! I tried thredUP once, maybe I should try this!

  3. How neat! I may have to try this soon.


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