Thursday, September 6, 2018

Currently 007

Though I'm a day late posting, I've actually been working on this for a month (that sounds more negative than positive, sigh) but what I mean by it is, I am trying to get back into the swing of things on this here blog; baby steps. Joining Anne, as always.
Currently 007
Starting |
To seriously get organized. Kinsey just had Open House at her school on Tuesday and the paperwork is beginning to ramp up. I need to kill an hour at Target and get some filing folders STAT.

Buying |
All the (very last minute) things to celebrate Clark’s FIRST birthday. It's TOMORROW. I'm pretty sure I'm in shock.

Sharing |
It borders on over sharing but as stated above, I'm reliving the last year with my man child on IG. If you want some baby spam, join me!

Reading |
For the first time in my life I am splitting my time between three different books. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, These Granite Islands by Sarah Stonich and The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney. They are all so vastly different that my current mood dictates which one I’m most likely to resume reading at any given time.

Recording |
My first ever review video. And I am feeling all kinds of awkward. Any tips on how to feel and sound more natural? This is one reason why I hardly do Stories, I just don't feel comfortable in front of the lens. First World Problems, amiright?!

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  1. Clark’s first birthday cannot possibly be tomorrow. How? Oh sweet mama, that happened too fast. I rarely do stories, either. I feel so awkward. I’m sure your video is great and I can’t wait to see it!

  2. That's fun to shift between books sometimes. I am with you on all the school paperwork! Ack!

  3. Mmmm that's an enticing photo. And yay for the first birthday! Feels bittersweet of course, but still fun. (I admit to still sometimes staying up way too late just looking at IG photos of my do they get so big so fast?)

  4. Girlll i have so much organizing to do myself; sometimes I feel like it's never ending!
    My best tip for a review video, dance around before you film! It will get some of those built up jitters out. :)



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