Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Currently 009

Apparently this link up was my only planned post in October! Suffice it to say, it has been busy around here! Anyone else?! Joining Anne to share how November is shaping up.
Currently 009

Appreciating |
Fall in the South. It is living up to all my wildest expectations and then some. I can not get over the vivid and vibrant colors of the trees around here! I smile every time I see a blazing red maple. 

Researching | 
I’m needing to replenish my essential oils and have been trying to winnow down my list (because its never-ending, naturally) I think I’m firm on getting:

Posting |
My apologies? I was such a slacker last month! I was much more active on instagram (link) if you want to join me over there!

Getting |
Christmas lists compiled. I was not even impressed with the Target holiday catalog this year but my kids have been devouring it daily. I think a want, need, wear, read approach is happening this December.

Cooking |
Hearty, stick to your bones, filling soups and chilis. What better time than the present, right? Temps have dropped drastically over the past week here so its my solution to counterbalance the chill.

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  1. I discovered a new oils company and love their products. Let me know if you want to branch out, I'll share it with you. The prices are a bit more budget friendly and I can't tell a difference in quality.

  2. I am loving fall right there with you!!! We recently moved to the east from Nevada. I have lived in a place with seasons before, but after living in Nevada for so long, it's easy to forget. Then we moved east, and bam! It hits you that there are truly different colors in the changing of the seasons. I live down a winding road filled with trees. It fills me with happiness!

  3. OH man trying to think of gifts to get everyone that has everything...we're trying to focus on getting the kids things that they already need, and NO MORE TOYS! And...I always forget to do this! I need to write it down for next month!

  4. Yep, I just did my first batch of chili for the season here! And I'm all about the want, need, wear, read method of gift giving. We hadn't been too intentional to this point, but now that H is 5 and poring over catalogs, this will be a good way to contain the madness ;-)


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