Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Book Swap Party

Book Swap Party on Work it Mommy blog
stacked books
Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending my first ever Book Swap Party! It is exactly as it sounds- guests bring some books, pile them on a table, browse at their leisure (or not if you want to get your first choice picks, haha) and leave with a new assortment of reads (however many you brought is what you take home.) It was such a hit there is already talks of another Swap come January!
Aunt Cindy was hostess (with the mostess!) and I was on the decorating committee so I had a bunch of fun crafting. We found 100% of these decorations on Pinterest (I will link to the originals where applicable) but execution was all us. 

This rolled book pages wreath greeted guests at the door. I basically gutted a whole book that was rescued from the trash anyway, rolled and taped and then glued onto a cardboard wreath shape that I also cut out. The lovely bow was done by one of Cindy's friends.
Book Swap Party on Work it Mommy blog
There was also a huge food spread but I'm awful at food photography so I didn't get any of those. There were four different sandwiches, two hot and two cold, all on croissants. A coffee "punch" which sounds weird but is sooooo good and a real citrus punch and three different desserts. Pasta salad, a cheese and crackers platter, strawberry cheese dip and almond stuffed dates wrapped in bacon rounded out the menu.
Book Swap Party on Work it Mommy blog
Guests brought an array of books from all genres but there was a "no self-help books" notation. I think about 20+ people were able to attend and even more have stated they want in on the next one! I had so much fun, it was definitely a great way to round out summer. 
Book Swap Party on Work it Mommy blog
Guests also got to take home a couple of bookmarks (one and two) and some treat bags (page envelope and book worms topper) filled with chocolate and sour gummi worms, respectively. 
Book Swap Party on Work it Mommy blog
Once Upon a Time
And another reason to admire Cindy is for her sewing skills- she made four different sizes of these padded book carriers and had them for sale (and if you're interested in buying one, let me know!)
Book Swap Party on Work it Mommy blog
Travel the World
I now have a huge stack of books to read (I swapped seven titles!) and I am happy as can be. I will also state none of my books were left over ;)  

Book Swap Party on Work it Mommy blog

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