Monday, February 22, 2021

Unexpected JOY

This post has been waiting to be shared for awhile now and I am honored to tell you we are going to be having another BABY! If you follow along on IG, I announced on Valentine's Day and now I'm sharing the nitty-gritty details here.
Unexpected JOY on Work it Mommy blog
I always know early on if I'm pregnant (think 4 weeks) this time wasn't any different except, it was smack dab in the aftermath of hearing about Brian's dad's passing from Covid and feeling absolute overwhelm and other strong emotions which weren't fitting grief's mold. 

In a flash of *aha* I made Brian get a pregnancy test and 3 days sooner than my missed period, we got the positive confirmation and a little peace came over us; I am a strong believer in God's timing and as the case of Clark's conception and the passing of Brian's aunt, here is another gift from a departed loved one.

I spent the month of December in a fog of intense tiredness that has continued on til present day, though it has been reduced to two days out of the week that I am completely useless and the other five I can function almost normally. 

I am surprised how fast this bump appeared! There is no hiding it and that has been true since about 12 weeks along. So now on to the fun stuff- baby info!

I had my first doctor's appointment on January 19th to establish patient care and "confirm" my pregnancy. There seemed to have been a date miscommunication so I was 10 weeks along and I was told I was either even further along than expected OR carrying twins(!!!) which left me feeling shocked and numb (isn't it funny how two very different feelings can reside together? Motherhood in a nutshell, hehe.) 

I also had to wait another two weeks to meet my new Ob/gyn and this news put me into gear. I had my heart set on doing the blood gender test along with the first trimester panel and if I had waited to see my new doctor, I would have missed that opportunity altogether. After some emailing back and forth with the nurse she conceded to let me go to the hospital's lab for my panel blood draw. All came back normal, what a relief.
Unexpected JOY on Work it Mommy blog
GOOD thing too! On my next appointment I had my first ultrasound (at 13 weeks it was also the longest I've ever had to wait to see one of my baby's and it seemed unfair.) It was definitely worth the wait! Baby (not twins, lol) surprised us by measuring five days bigger and so the nurse was correct on her palpitations :).

Another fun fact about Smith Babies- they don't measure big, they are smack-dab exact on their weekly sizes. So not only is Baby #4 (or more accurately #5) a beautiful gift but also coming earlier then expected. Unexpected joy all around.

Timeline at a glance:  
December 3rd = father in law's passing
December 5th = positive pregnancy test
January 19th = nurse appointment, first heartbeats heard, palpitated larger than 10 weeks
January 27th = lab work/ blood draw panel
February 11th = first ultrasound, baby measures 14w 2d
August 15th = estimated Due Date based off of The Bump app calculator
August 10th = estimated Due Date by ultrasound measurements

Oh! We also know the gender. Keeping that up my sleeve until further notice.

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