Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Word of the Year 2021

Word of the Year 2021 on Work it Mommy blog
It took me extra long to think of my Word of the Year for 2021. There was just so much to process and digest from last year that sorting through all of it was more work than in previous years (and I know you get exactly what I mean by that.) 
By focusing on how I want to feel this year versus achieving a milestone or reaching a goal, which are noble things in themselves but not where I'm at during this season of life, I touched upon calm; and all fell into place.

I love that it can be used as an adjective and a verb and how it expresses so many things that I want in my life right now. Those synonyms really hit the nail on the head!
Word of the Year 2021 on Work it Mommy blog

1. calm 
adjective. (ˈkɑːm, ˈkɑːlm) Not agitated; without losing self-possession.

composed, tranquil, serene.

2. calm 
verb. (ˈkɑːm, ˈkɑːlm) Make calm or still.

still, gentle, quiet, comfort, soothe, solace, assure.

Be still and know that I Am God.  Psalm 46:10

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