Monday, April 12, 2021

Five Month Bumpdate {Baby #4}

Five Month Bumpdate {Baby #4}
Week 18
How far along: Second Trimester :: Weeks 17- 20
Size of baby: Coconut
Weight gain: 163 pounds // 12 pounds
Maternity clothes: I'm almost ready to switch out my winter clothes for spring and I have several non maternity tank tops and tees that will accommodate this bump and help supplement my wardrobe.
GenderGirl! Names are proving to be a little tricky.
MovementAll day long! Baby Girl is still super active and has added in hiccups to her daily routine. No one has been able to feel her kick yet but everyone has pushed the bump and felt some part of her body.
Sleep: I think the way I'm sleeping at night is contributing to my sciatica pain (see below).
What I miss: As silly as this sounds, I miss eating salami.
Cravings: Raw veggies with Ranch. Hot dogs. Cuties.
Symptoms: I'm having sciatica pain on my left side that radiates from my back into my hip. Pilates has helped stretch and strengthen my body and I'm happy to report I am doing it 5-7 days a week. A few times I've experienced the mildest of heartburn. If I had to guess right now, I'd say we'll have another baldy baby a la Kinsey.
Highlight of the MonthSeeing baby girl in my Level II ultrasound on St Patrick's Day! It's confirmed, she is a mover and a shaker! The technician made several comments about her activity level :)

five month bumpdate {baby #4}
Week 19
five month bumpdate {baby #4}
Week 20
five month bumpdate {baby #4}
Week 21

five month bumpdate {baby #4}

Week 22 

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