Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Infused vinegar DIY cleaner

infused vinegar DIY cleaner on Work it Mommy blog
I've been really getting into spring cleaning lately. It's probably a combo of nesting + feeling invigorated by all the sunshine (vitamin D is truly a marvel).
I've shared my favorite natural cleaner before and this is a very easy variation. The addition of the infused vinegar adds a subtle scent but essential oils can be added for more punch. The only prep work will be taking the time to let the vinegar infuse long enough, about 6 weeks in low light. I stuck mine in the back of a cupboard.

Any citrus peel can be used, lemons, oranges (as I used here) grapefruit, or in any combination. Some other fabulous combos include: lavender + sage + lemon peel, mint + rosemary, sage + lavender, pine needles + sage. Same rules apply, cover with white vinegar and let sit.

To make the cleaner just fill a glass spray bottle halfway with the infused vinegar and the other half with water. Shake to combine. Spray on multiple surfaces and wipe clean.

Happy cleaning.

infused vinegar DIY cleaner on Work it Mommy blog

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