Monday, May 24, 2021

Six Month Bumpdate // {Baby #4}

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six month bumpdate on work it mommy blog
23 weeks
How far along: Second Trimester: Six Months: Weeks 23-27
Size of baby: head of lettuce
Weight gain: 167 pounds // 16 pounds
Maternity clothes: I'm living in my Blanqis, a super cozy pair of pj bottoms from Walmart and yoga pants. I know we're about to get hit with humidity so I'm enjoying the comfy lounge clothes while I can.
Movement: I've experienced several very uncomfortable jabs while doing pilates or moving in a way that is counter to Baby Girl. She is measuring bigger so I wonder if her growth is contributing to those odd pokes.
Sleep: Cue the extreme dreams. Man, have they reached peak weirdness. I'm finally getting some better sleep and that is most likely why my dreams have been extra bizarre.
What I miss: Lying on my stomach when playing on the floor with Clark.
Cravings: Trail mix from Aldi's. Salmon. Cheese.
Symptoms: The heartburn has started to make its appearance. Like, whoa. Stocking up on more TUMS and trying to cut out tomato sauce at night. But my favorite trail mix (of all things) seems to agitate it too.
Highlight of the Month: Passing my glucose test. Which I had to take twice 😑 Why I had to do a one- hour which has high cases of false positives just makes me upset. So I had to retest and do a three-hour. Never have I ever. I'm just glad its behind me. That ordeal also solidifies my need to speak up and advocate for myself and baby better.
six month bumpdate on Work it Mommy blog
24 weeks
six month bumpdate on Work it Mommy blog
26 weeks
six month bumpdate on Work it Mommy blog
27 weeks

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