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Sweet Slumber with Figure 8 Moms // Tips + tricks for 3rd trimester sleep {Baby #4}

This post is sponsored by Figure 8 Moms. As always all opinions are my own. 
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Anyone else struggling for sleep these days? Granted I have a very good excuse as to why my zzzz's haven't been their best and that is all due to being seven months pregnant. That dreaded third trimester sleep slump is upon me. 
Now I wouldn't consider myself a pro at managing pregnancy symptoms but I do have some insight with this being my fourth go-around. With a healthy dose of trial-and-error, I have learned a lot over the last decade of growing tiny humans! I hope this will help you get some more shut eye, too.

Quality maternity pajamas:
It occurred to me that I have never had specifically for pregnancy pajamas before now. I'm not sure if it was something I just didn't think I'd use (so wrong) or if I was smaller and didn't seem to have any issues with sleepwear (half true) or that the current fashion trends of cropped tops and fitted bottoms would be a thing (also true) but here I am to tell you, if your'e pregnant, you need maternity pajamas. Preferably ones that transcend from maternity to postpartum and beyond. These pajamas by Everly Grey from Figure 8 Moms is what dreams (hehe) are made of. The fabric is soft and slinky and breathable, the waistband is wide with plenty of stretch so it accommodates the bump or can comfortably be worn beneath it. The tank top is also nursing-friendly so I am all set for all those middle of the night feedings that my future holds. Quite possibly my favorite thing about these pajamas are the matching set for Baby Girl. I'm spending plenty of time imagining us twinning in comfort and style.
Turn off devices at least 30 minutes before going to sleep: 
Weird but true- all those bright lights are bombarding your eyelids and are tricking your brain that its daylight its seeing. To help prepare your eyes and mind for sleep, stop the IG scroll, and start to relax. Some people, and by some I mean me, watch TV before bed; if this is also you, try adjusting you settings to lower the brightness of your screen. 

Adjust the temperature in your bedroom:
The optimum temperature for falling asleep is 65F. It obviously will vary from person to person but anywhere between 60-67 degrees should do it. Play around and see what works best for you, just keep in mind, cooler is better when it comes to sleep.

White noise is your friend:
I blame my husband for how high maintenance I have become when it comes to sleeping. He has turned me into a fall-asleep-anywhere to a must-have-a-fan-and-white-noise-machine gal. To be fair, he was right all along. The fan helps address the temperature issue and the white noise machine is soothing and helps you drift off to sleep easier. We actually all have our own sound machines in each of our bedrooms. Once baby arrives this is also a great tool for them as it mimics the sound of your beating heart ❤

Diffuse essential oils:
You all know my heart belongs to Plant Therapy essential oils. I feel confident using them while pregnant since so much research has been done by this company and then shared on their blog! I have been adhering to their pregnancy and nursing safe oil charts and will only use what is listed. My favorite sleep blend: 
4 drops lavender 
4 drops frankincense 
4 drops cedarwood atlas 
4 drops bergamot.

 So heavenly.

A word about water consumption:
I drink a ridiculous amount of water each day and that for sure affects how much I go during the day and night. I will not tell you to limit liquids because as a pregnant woman, you need all the extra water you can handle. This one function is just something that we all have to accept, with the promise of resuming regular pee breaks once little precious is born.

I hope these little tidbits will aid in your rest! What worked for you while pregnant? Please share so we may all benefit.    
Figure 8 Moms

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