Monday, August 9, 2021

Nine Month Bumpdate // {Baby #4}

Well, this is it! The final bumpdate for my final pregnancy. What a feeling of coming full circle.
How far along: Third Trimester :: Weeks 36-39
Size of baby: a pumpkin!
Weight gain: 185 pounds // roughly 36 pounds but honestly our scale broke and I don't even consider the doctor's office numbers lol
Maternity clothes: I'm either wearing a maxi dress or stay in pajamas- there is no in between these days.
GenderGirl! And we are thisclose to picking her name, we're down to the final two contestants!
Movement: Always. She is such a comfort and peace of mind since I feel her constantly.
Sleep: Its not terrible but my sciatica is still a pain.
What I miss: Mobility. But I know the end is in sight and so its not that big of a deal.
Cravings: Fruit!
Symptoms: My blood pressure has been doing some wonky things this pregnancy. The only thing I have done differently this time around was drink Pregnancy tea. Well, I stopped drinking it about a month ago and my bp went down significantly- who woulda thought?! Still keeping an eye on it though for safety. Its not preeclampsia since I haven't had swelling, headaches or vision impairment and no protein in my urine.
Highlight of the Month: Besides it being BABY MONTH 🎉 my mom and gramma are here visiting! Its been two loooong years and I feel so at peace knowing they are here to care for the bigs while I have the littlest.
nine month bumpdate on Work it Mommy blog
39 weeks

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